Level Requirements punishes climbers and newbies

(John Woodard (SIC 136)) #1

I purchased a smart trainer and joined Zwift because I’m a flatlander who wants to complete some climbing challenges in the real world.  Because of this, I’ve leveled very slowly since I’ve been focusing on the climbs.

Now the ultimate climb, Alpe d’ Huez, is available…If you’re level 15!  I’m only at level 8; I’d have to ride around 900 miles before I get to level 15.

I’m training for a specific ride, and I can’t wait 3-4 months to get access to the climbing simulation I signed up for.

I strongly suggest that you lower the XP requirements to level.  This has disheartened me greatly after being a huge Zwift fan, to the point I’m thinking of switching to another service and cancelling my membership.  New riders will have to spend incredible amounts of time just to open up the training content that makes Zwift unique.

(Paul Allen) #2

You are not totally excluded from doing the climb. You can ride with someone that is doing the climb or you can you a group ride that is going up the mountain. BTW, it’s level 12 not 15.

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(Mike Day) #3

If you get stuck in you can easily reach level 12 quite quickly. I only started at Christmas and I’m at level 20 and got the Tron bike to boot. Don’t give up just yet it’s well worth the effort. Plus as Paul says there are other ways of riding the Alpe in the meantime.

(Mathew Bittleston) #4

The epic KOM plus radio tower is a decent climb IMO, too. Pick the three sisters route. If you’re still feeling frisky at the top of the radio tower, try to get over 99 kph on the descent :wink:

BTW: I love zwift-prefs so I can skip over to watopia even on London or Richmond days to get more climbing in: https://zwifthacks.com/zwift-preferences/