Level requirements for The L'Etape du Tour Sportive presented by Rapha

(John Ashmore) #1

I’m thinking of attempting The L’Etape du Tour Sportive presented by Rapha, but I’m only level 9 and I believe normally level 12 is required for Alpe du Zwift.

If I enter as a level 9, can I still complete this course and challenge?

(Alexander Perdon (CTWT)) #2

Yes, your level is ignored while doing an event.

(John Ashmore) #3

Thank you for the quick reply. Great news!

(Didier Malenfant [RCC]) #4

@JohnAshmore I’m in the same boat you are and got this reply from support:

I’m sorry, but you’re correct in that you will not be able to participate in the event until you reach level 12. At this time, the Alpe Du Zwift is level restricted. If you aren’t at the designated level you will not be able to ride the course, regardless of if you’re in an event or not.

I also heard the same thing that @AlexanderPerdon mentioned so I guess we’ll find out tomorrow who’s right and who’s wrong. I hope @AlexanderPerdon is right.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #5

If you are doing a group ride or riding with someone going up the AdZ your level will not hinder you in doing the ride. More or less your level will be ignored during the group ride.

If you are just riding by yourself then you will not be able to climb AdZ.

(Didier Malenfant [RCC]) #6

As mentioned in my reply this is what read elsewhere too but the reply from Zwiftg support was confusing. I’m guessing this particular person is not aware of how this works.

(Ward Brady) #7

Unless they changed it in the last couple of months, I have gone up the alpe during an event back when I wasn’t level 12 yet. It was tour de OZ

(John Ashmore) #8

Thanks for all the replies. Seems it isn’t 100% clear but I guess we’ll see tomorrow. I’ll give it a go!

(Alexander Perdon (CTWT)) #9

I understood it also applies for meetup. So when the meetup is created by someone with the appropriate level all followers are able to ride through the gate. It is the same when riding together with someone.

Yesterday I did an event on the Alpe and I noticed the gates were green and normally they are light blue.

If you are level 9 you won’t be able to enter the Jungle for what I know. The Alpe can only be reached from the Jungle.

Lets check tomorrow but I am quite confident it will work.

(John Ashmore) #10

Just complete the event. I’ve never done the Epic KOM or Alpe, so it was somewhat of a challenge for a larger gent like myself. But it’s done.

I can confirm that the level-specific areas opened up for me and I also received this confirmation from Zwift Support via email:

Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out to us at Zwift!

That’s a great question! When participating in event’s the level lock on routes is ignored, so you can ride jungle and Alpe under levels 10 and 12 respectively if you are in an event! You should be good to go for the L’Etape du Tour PB Rapha!

Ride On!

Just good reference for future should anyone else ask.

Thanks for all you advice.

(Didier Malenfant [RCC]) #11

Thanks @JohnAshmore, I too had a great time at that event.

I passed the info on to the support person who had sent me the incorrect information, hopefully they can harmonize their info if they have an internal knowledge base of some kind.