Level 50+ update?

At your current pace, it will take you another 5 years to get to level 50, regardless of your age.

I don’t follow your logic. That’s like saying that your degrees have to be displayed next to your name or your education is irrelevant. Sure, there are plenty of arrogant professionals who seem to feel this way, but not everyone does.


Interesting ! Having been virtually incapacitated last Christmas, I have been on the rise regarding health. So my introduction to Zwift has been very slow to start. That being 5 months ago. And am all ready at level 15, without too much effort. Set to have a go at the 100 mile badge soon, by doing the Uberpretsil, what ever it’s called. Good climbs, 80+ miles. Then cool down for the hundred to roll on by.

Not that easy, but then not that hard either. If rank 50 is 5 years away that sounds fine. But I recon to do it a lot sooner.

I was told at the age of 30, is was too old to be competitive for cycle racing. Yet proved them wrong way back then.

I have two hart stents, two broken knees, a bad back, and a hernia. Arthritis, and age as an other handicap. No matter, I will endure, suffer, persist, and then prevail.

It’s all in the mind!

I still think rank 50 is well within most abilities if they persist, You just need to go for it.

And the reward, nothing more than bragging rights, But brag to who? No one else cares really!

The achievement is its own reward. Other people are entirely irrelevant.


Some people like to show achievements some post XP or Level or FTP or age. These things make
people work harder and feel good about them self.


It will take longer than you think to get to level 50.


I’m about to reach level 50 in 2 or 3 days. What’s next? It’s discouraging not to able to keep on leveling up, it kills motivation. Is it time to give other platforms a try maybe? New worlds like Makuri are great but please Zwift staff don’t forget the motivation and the challenges.


do this

  1. new levels beyond level 50 (infinite)
  2. new clothing for every level which is set automatically once you choose the outfit


Create a new account. Start over. :slight_smile:


I’m only Level 19 at the moment, have the TarmacPro and assorted wheel sets. Primary work is getting the Tron bike and the Lightweight wheels at the moment.

I’m sitting on almost 1,000,000 drop points and don’t really see anything I need to buy at the moment.

For me, I’d much prefer to see work on the overall UI, additional worlds, or specific climbs, routes, etc. than more levels. I’d REALLY like to see a ligitimate distance/progress bar for any route chosen. That would be pretty damn helpful.


As an End User, having a level 50 empty fill bar it would be very nice to have level up targets to go for again, don’t need a prize or reward, just a new level number. (20mil drops, ZI best flat & climbing setups, Tron, gravel, MTB, just want to mile munch, bit of climbing, bit of racing/ group rides)
As an IT dev, I am well aware that the simpler the request the more complex the solution! (see racing cats, or don’t, it’s a rabbit hole you don’t want to fall down!)
Practically speaking, I think whacking the bugs, new roads, delivering general improvements to the UI/UX, new roads, Clubs, new roads, fixing racing cats, new roads, Mount Fuji for the one time I’ll go up it…
A 50km flat/ rolling road would also be nice.
An auto 1.04% growth per level I’d like to think would be simple, it would put me on level 58 in the next couple of days :slight_smile:


I think most would like to see levels still increasing using the current system even if there are no prizes/rewards.


Good point Tim,
So what is our Use Case? It’s chewing the KMs, you don’t get passed L50 without mile-munching
It’s not chasing items, I think the last “Prize” I really cared about was access to Alpe de Zwift at Level 12.
I do, well did, care about chasing the next level and would like to care again.
Prizes just clog up the garage.
The “1.04 idea” is a neat Excel solution, but like all Excel solutions would be a pain to code, just increase the size of the IF statement (it’ll be hard coded, agile dev init! :slight_smile: )

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Maybe it’s time to check out RGT.

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I don’t hate myself enough to try RGT et al.

I agree
I just got to Lwvel 50 and some gamification for inspiration (in addition to the health benefits) would be nice.


I may freeze my membership and wait for Zwift to do some updating. There hasn’t been a new challenge in years - just an empty spot on the four-grid - and after more than a year there’s still nothing past 50. I’be generally been upbeat on Zwift but that’s lame.


Regarding levels again: Why don’t we use some kind of “Prestige” system? It could be implemented like this:

you level up from 0 to 50. Once you hit 50, you can decide to “restart” at level 0 for a unique special reward. You need to unlock everything from scratch, but keep the special reward. For each restart your prestige goes up by one.

I see couple of benefits here: Continuous progress on the XP bar for people that enjoy it. (I do). Zwift doesn’t have to add thousands of new unlocks, but rather one very cool one for each prestige level. People that don’t care about XP and rather stay at 50, can decide to stay at level 50.

It would be cool if you could see the prestige or the level of the riders on the time table, maybe with an option to switch it off for people that don’t care about the level of others.

Just an idea. As a programmer I know that depending on how you’ve set up the current level system, changing this can be tricky, but I think some Prestige system with special rewards every time you start over from 0 is going to help everyone. People could hunt for unlimited levels and the amount of new unlocks needed would be fairly low.


A wise man once said something pretty similar.


Eric Min once said

" Don’t worry, by the time you get to level 50, there will be more levels. We’re just trying to think about a new reward structure. Our team, our designers are thinking about what that might be, that it might need to change from what it is today." Feb 2021

Replying to a person who was level 40 at the time.


I really need to get an Eric Min quote-a-day calendar. Everyday I could be reminded of something Eric has said that would happen that didn’t.