Level 50+ update?

At your current pace, it will take you another 5 years to get to level 50, regardless of your age.

I don’t follow your logic. That’s like saying that your degrees have to be displayed next to your name or your education is irrelevant. Sure, there are plenty of arrogant professionals who seem to feel this way, but not everyone does.


Interesting ! Having been virtually incapacitated last Christmas, I have been on the rise regarding health. So my introduction to Zwift has been very slow to start. That being 5 months ago. And am all ready at level 15, without too much effort. Set to have a go at the 100 mile badge soon, by doing the Uberpretsil, what ever it’s called. Good climbs, 80+ miles. Then cool down for the hundred to roll on by.

Not that easy, but then not that hard either. If rank 50 is 5 years away that sounds fine. But I recon to do it a lot sooner.

I was told at the age of 30, is was too old to be competitive for cycle racing. Yet proved them wrong way back then.

I have two hart stents, two broken knees, a bad back, and a hernia. Arthritis, and age as an other handicap. No matter, I will endure, suffer, persist, and then prevail.

It’s all in the mind!

I still think rank 50 is well within most abilities if they persist, You just need to go for it.

And the reward, nothing more than bragging rights, But brag to who? No one else cares really!

The achievement is its own reward. Other people are entirely irrelevant.


Some people like to show achievements some post XP or Level or FTP or age. These things make
people work harder and feel good about them self.

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It will take longer than you think to get to level 50.