Level 50+ update?

So here’s a plot of my proposed scheme for level > 50 points, using exponentially increasing point totals: to get to the next level, you need +4% more points. So if you have 1 million points, the next level is 1.04 million: you need 40 thousand more points. How did I get 4%? The average points per level up to 50 is 2% of the points needed to reach 50. So I doubled that and got 4%.

Here’s 3 examples: +4%, +5%, and +6%. To get to a level 100 would require around 3.55 million points with +4%. That seems reasonable: like reaching level 50 seven times, which would be extremely hard. But level 100 should be something only a few riders achieve, I think.

There’s other schemes, like power-law. Exponentials are just one option.


From the most recent game update thread. 39 likes so far.


My question still remains…
What would you like to add?
Level 51 and over private course?
Level 51 and over private club?
More hats and socks?

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Just increase the number please.

I ride a lot. Like today I got over 5000 xp but nothing to show.

If you have to give something then a different color helmet.


Would an increase in a number no one sees other than you be any different to an increase in XP points which no one sees? you would just increase a smaller number based on an increase in a bigger number.

I don’t really see the point in levels to be honest, i don’t care about jerseys or gloves or whatever and if i’m level 50 or 250 it makes no difference.

You can see a person’s level in the companion app. And for those that stream it is visible on screen. Also it is motivation and a badge of honor for all the hard work.

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But then people would complain, “I’m at level 100 and I’m stuck there.”

Give us a (boring) moonscape and make it level 50 only.
Level 75 Stelvio climb on Makuri Island
Level 100 every bike wheel and jersey in your garage. LOL

Every new level above Level 50, you get the option to get rid of something in your garage.
One item for each new level.


how about if once you get to 50 you then start from 1 again an then you can have a count of how many cycles you have gone through.

you could be level 3-46 or 4-21 etc.

no need to program anything new just add a counter.

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They could add some sort of “Prestige” indicator to all the jerseys.

So it wouldn’t matter which jersey you have on, there’s be something that shows you’ve hit 50 and are going round again.

Heck, give us Prestige effects on the Tron bike for every 50,000m of climbing.

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It doesn’t have to stop at 100 just let it keep counting.

I don’t need another jersey ai ware my club kit.

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I just figure it by my points…level 129 and counting.

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Indeed , Zwift really havent explored kit options too much.

Even the jersey includes the bib shorts by default too so a lot of scope there too . .

I cant see why we cant have something akin to anyone in pro peloton who has held world champions jerseys gets to flash there kit with the rainbow . So here we can get something similar for either jersey ( or shorts maybe ) to include either level number or at least what decimal you are 50,60,70 etc .

As most have hinted jerseys are not a great reward sine we will have club jerseys to wear . So Helmets , socks , Tyre wall colors , Even Bike frame colours could be re-purposed for level rewarding .

On the later perhaps Zwift could kill 2 birds with one stone and make RED bike frame something that comes with Level 100 :roll_eyes: Ditch the slidding scale disaster area and implement specific colours as upgrades with leveling / drops .


My suggestion is to simplify the future design of this area by doing away with more levels.

When you get to level 50/21 the progress bar should become a live display of your accumulated totals: distance, altitude, calories, hours spent (similar to what you can see on the front screen of the android app).

Instead of seeing a progress bar crawl across the screen, you could then choose which of your accumulators is getting close to its next thousand (or number ending in zero) and use that as a motivation to keep going.

XP still accumulates and can be used at the drop shop for new kit.

My reason for suggesting this is I think its cool to be able to see live values of your accumulated totals, and the current impasse on level 50 looks like it could be an opportunity to do this.

I suspect that it’s easier to delete the current artificial limit of levels than it is to program another, new recognition system to the current basket of levels, XP, jerseys, bikes, challenges, badges, etc.

But please wait till I hit 50 :). I’m starting to get seriously motivated by getting close to maxing out. I would be quite bummed if they suddenly extended to 75 just when I hit 49 :frowning:


Don’t worry, you have plenty of time.
What we need is a level 50 course.

Levels seem to mean nothing ! Other than to the individual. They are only obvious if the rider is sporting that level Jersey. And for beginners, the Jersey level above there level, is not visible so I have no clue what some of the jerseys represent level wise !
I have been using Zwift for 5 months, have already concord the Everest challenge, almost finished the California challenge. Am at level 15, easy peasy. So level 50 is not that much of a challenge to be honest. Incidentally I am 64.
Introduce a Star ratting !
Reach a fictitious level 100, and you get a star, fictitious level 200, 2 stars.

Your Level needs to be displayed next to your name bar during rides. Else levels are to be honest irrelevant.

You will be surprised, to reach level 15 you only need 38,000xp to reach level 50 you need 500,000xp

So Some of us have been working hard and are over 1,000,000 xp and would like to know what level we are at. At least if someone see us ride and look at our profile they can see we have been riding for a bit.


Level 55. You’re not missing much. :smiley:

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