Level 50+ update?

Sh*t, I’m bad enough about my Zpoints and Race Ranking points. The RR points system completely eludes me but I’m still always keeping an eye on it. Imagine if there were real gaming points to be had every time you put your bike on the line! And levels heading off into infinity…


LOL :joy:

I told you play overwatch on the bike. :sunglasses:

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While there is a piece of me that would like to see levels beyond 50, a big part of the levelling up ‘excitement’ really disappeared with the introduction of the Drop Shop. I mean, before that you at least got something worthwhile at some of the level-ups. Now it’s just jerseys, caps, shoes, etc, none of which increase your in-game performance. So, what’s the point? It took me 15 months, almost to the day, to get to level 50. I can’t say that my enjoyment has dropped since then, but I’d be OK if they just took away the progress bar and points now, since they are really just a sad reminder of how complacent Zwift has become as a company.


Exactly Nigel. Exactly so.

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I do need to set things up so that’s possible. Not sure it’ll be as effective as Nathan playing Hearthstone, especially the amount I move around when playing FPS games. :smiley:

I’d be OK if they just took away the progress bar and points now, since they are really just a sad reminder of how complacent Zwift has become as a company.

If @Zwift see this post and don’t wake up to the sentiment expressed directly in the last sentence , but is easily read between the lines in so many more , then there is only one direction of travel .


Zwift translates your posts as “but he is still here and paying his monthly subscription, so we must be doing something right… now let us get back to focusing our resources on eSport and cycling pros who don’t use Zwift. Those long term users are not going anywhere so just ignore them”


They may well do , who knows , especially right now where numbers are artificially buoyed in this sector to lend support to an immature simplistic bean counting strategy. It would be naive of course , all bubbles eventually burst .

I would still advise , if I was involved , there is only one direction of travel if they choose to embrace complacency as a business strategy.

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You missed out an “elite” in there, as it doesn’t seem like there’s much actual focus on the community level of racing on Zwift. If there were, I expect sandbagging would be done and dusted by now.


Zwift does not consider anything community-related to be eSport or even significant in any way. Basically, it is a meet-up with a KOM banner. No more important than following Coco Cadence and crossing the Tempus start line banner before your buddy.


Even for the elite level, “focus” seems a bit excessive. For instance, they don’t seem to be able to figure out how to get even a proper preliminary version of the ZRL results out in less than a week, so screenshots of scoreboards from the official youtube stream are the best approximation available…

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Now that I’m level 50, my interest to Zwift is waning. I’m starting to look at investing in better wet-weather gear and getting outside more in the spring, something I’ve always hated doing.

Fellow Level 50 Zwifters .

On a scale of 0-100 how excited are you at the Tour of Watopia with its promise of Double XP?.

Fear not those who haven’t quite got to Level 50 yet . This will surely hasten your journey to the high water mark moment of Level 50. Then you too can enjoy and experience all the myriad of exciting doors that open when you get there . All the amazing things Zwift offers and spend time providing to there most loyal and long standing customers.


I wish that they would remove the progress bar after level 50

What level would this translate to? if there were more levels that is

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From Level 42 the levels increased at a constant 20,000 pts up to 500,000 at level 50.

Assuming the 20,000 pts per level remained constant.

1,933,014 pts is 1,433,014 pts above level 50 pts of 500,000. Dividing the extra points by 20,000 would return 71 levels above level 50. So level 121.

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That seems unlikely.

Alternatively, see the post from @Daniel_Connelly_LKHC earlier in this thread. With his formula, you get:

ln(1,933,014/500000)/ln(1.04)+50 = 84

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Thanks for digging that up… the formula assumes:

  1. 500k points for level 50.
  2. Each level beyond level 50 requires 4% more points than the level before.

This seems reasonable – each level a bit harder than the one before, although the present progression is … bizarre.

Almost as bizarre as the rewards that were originally given for levels 1 to 25, before they added the Drop Shop and eliminated all hardware from level rewards.

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I wasn’t motivated to do 26-50 as the rewards are mundane.
Maybe a level 50 private course?
I never wore the level 50 jersey, its ugly.
I would probably be over level 100 now, so still nothing to chase.