Level 50+ update?

That’s just a tease. There is no fourth challenge.


Really? That’s weird, I’ve got 8 all unlocked and completed on mine. The LEJOGs one was fun but the once round the world one took a while.


Is it April already?

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Right now there is no life after level 50!!

More levels please!!


I think this is the one @Chris_Holton referenced above:

Yes, click bait.

No, i just completely made it to make people think they were somehow stuck without unlocking other challenges that other people had. I’m a bad man.


oh good question will check and get back to you

Funny what levelling up can do for your motivation… Since achieving level 50 I somehow have lost interest in Zwift and have started using other apps. Before that I always felt like that I‘m wasting XP if not training on Zwift. Really hope they will do something about it…


To quote a reaction to a recent interview with CEO Eric Min, “Level 50 people won’t leave, so why make more levels…stop complaining.” And besides, there are maybe 21,000 level 50 Zwifters, tops, so put them all together and they still don’t matter to the corporate bottom line.

(Although if there are really only 21,000 level 50’s, there’s been a lot of churn among those who joined in beta days, as there were far more than 21,000 accounts just in 2015.)


Hello everybody!

I’m only at level 17 myself, and it will take me a long time to reach level 50. That’s why I can first be satisfied with the way it is. But, even if it is “only” 21,000 zwifter who have reached the upper limit, and it is not worth it for zwift … these people made zwift what it is today! They’ve been loyal to Zwift for years and the community has grown around them, and for that they deserve these extra levels!

Greetings pepper


lol… thank you, that is my quote :slight_smile: on ZwiftInsider (Darth Vader)

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I’ve been on Zwift since 2015 and I’m only level 37. =)

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LOL seriously 37?:rofl:

I have been on 50 since they extended levels from 25.

By the time we get level 100 I will probably be there.:sunglasses:

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I have a life. :stuck_out_tongue:

That sound harsher than I meant it!

And to be fair, it’s not true. :smiley: It’s just that I spend it playing Overwatch far more than Zwift. It’s been out since 2016 and I’ve put well over 2000 hours into it. :smiley:

That’s why I wish Zwift was more gamified. Because I know I’m attracted to what’s most fun, and most of the time it’s not Zwift.


Joined Nov 2018 and already on Level 35. And I’m not really zwifting much.

Fellow long term zwifters …

Here we have it ;

No more Leveling up
No more challenges set
All requests to support long term user improvements ignored
Nothing to spend our burgeoing drops chest on

Do you think Zwift are trying to tell us something ? :rofl:


That’s very true. I finally hit level 50 a week ago. I even rode extra kms on the Friday to hit level 50. Usually I’d finish a ride just after reaching a km to get that 20XP. Now, there isn’t really any motivation to do those extra kms. I can see my future use of Zwift really drop off now that there is no benefit to doing the miles on Zwift. I can just as easily get my miles in watching youtube videos. Why do I need Zwift now?


Because racing on Zwift is fun with a fair and level playing field! Oh wait… nevermind…


Yes, I didn’t want to mention the racing. Such a pity.

Now imagine if we had a ranking system. Everytime you go on Zwift you could try to improve your ranking. Talk about gamification and motivation.