Level 50+ update?

I mean they could do this . But I really dont see what the problem is with numbers 51 and above,


I agree but they seem to not want to do that (for reasons beyond me!)


The problem might be having to come up with all the “goodies” for you get when you get to those levels. You see how much people gripe about the smallest things on here so they cant possibly add new levels without new things to get. 50 percent of the people on the forum would be for adding levels without the goodies and the other half would have a fit that Zwift would dare to add levels without goodies to get. The goodies would be more time consuming programming.

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Levels with or without goodies?

  • Levels must have goodies!
  • Just add levels, no goodies needed.

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The ‘goodies’ were fine when it was stuff like bikes and wheels. But once the Drop Shop was introduced and the goodies just became useless bits of kit I started to find it all pointless. I suppose a new jersey every 5, or even 10, levels would not be bad, but I certainly don’t need any other caps or gloves or eyewear or socks!

The current Level 50 top is terrible.
Also you’ll have more drops then know what to do with.
Maybe a BacOn shirt at level 100?
Neon at 75?

Edit: The Tim Problem -
there are 50 people on Zwift Power over 105,000km (bottom of events page)
2 are over 200,000km, 2 more are fast closing in on it, Zwift need to deal with the speed these machines are accumulating kms.


Nigel: I couldn’t agree more. The array of potential Level 50 fixes are so straightforward and easy that I find it truly baffling that nothing has been done. My wife and I, who both have Zwift accounts unfortunately feel obliged to actively look at other indoor cycling platforms… Does Zwift not read these threads as a means of identifying problems and potential solutions? At some point it feels like blatant customer disregard…


Just made level 50. That is is why I left route badges to finish and alp climbs to do so there something even when the the levels stop. Maybe for levels going forward 25,000xp for first few, then 30,000xp next few, 35,000xp steps, then 40,000xp steps, then ending with 50,000xp level steps for next 25 levels. Someone would endup with over a million xp by level 75. Some are already there now. It should keep most level 50 riders busy for year or two. Like the the level 50 kit.

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Zwift level 50 issue not being addressed is a running joke and the fact that this simple change to reflect the profile and status of there user base continuies is just one more reason why Zwift is a place of frustration when so easily it could be otherwise

It undermines any positives and great experiences using the product when daft situations like this are allowed to continue endlessly.
These things add up , and ultimately sooner or later Zwift will pay the price for not pulling there finger out here , and for simply not staying relevant to there users…


I think we all know when/if they do add levels they’ll break something else like reset everyone to zero or something.

That’s how zwift usually do things :grinning:


Hehe, I’m a “problem”! Like the idea of a BacOn! shirt, though I’d personally prefer a cap (so I could still wear the AHDR kits!).


At this point it just feels like trolling from ZHQ :roll_eyes::

I get that auto-fill emails save time and effort, but did no one in the team responsible for this one think that maybe this particular message is not only meaningless for those above 49, but also akin to turning the knife, considering this long-running issue?
They could also have proofread the third paragraph for basic syntax…

Come on Zwift. You can do a lot better. Give it a try.


I think someone already said to just add a Level number to your jersey , but suspect that might need a tiny bit of development to support layering of the avatar model . What might be easier is just to issue a cap that either shows your level number OR even a new cap at each level that updates the one you had.

I just cant imagine what is going on in Zwifts product team that this easily addressable problem that is such a negative experience (including for the CEO who on more than one occassional as been called out and embrarrassed by it in group rides he has joined ) is being allowed to continue to fester .

On the other side even now , just implementing this would probably have a bigger positive amongst Zwifts more prolific and thus vocal user base than any other change , and that as a result would reverbarate to zwifts greater benefit far more as a result. Zwifts biggest assets are there loyal and long standing users , and who are they … those who are sitting stagnating at level 50 .


How about the level number, incrementing past level 50, circling your cycling avatar, similar to the beacon above ride leaders. . . .
OK, that’s just silly. :slight_smile:

Cannot believe Zwift HQ are so tone deaf to this, they are now sending emails to mock us.
Or are we about to get the long asked for new levels this month?


The Zwift PR machne at its best …ffs


Any news yet on lvl 50+ ?

Might be easier to add it to the zwifters nearby list on the right of the screen - i don’t really care if someone is using the companion app but they are able to display that so should be easy enough to add it.

I’d like to see levels added to each world to encourage me to ride the ones i rarely go to - you’re level 50 in watopia but only 23 in new york.

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Fantastic idea, Chris!

And at this point, I’d welcome almost any change