Level 50+ update?

What would that be? Riding with wet shorts? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Zwift already allow ankle high socks…

Zwift is just a game. Each game ends once. You can start again from level 1. :grinning:

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Why would Zwift have to end?

Also games is a one time payment they want you to get to the end so you buy the next levels.

We will chat again when you get to level 50… LOL :rofl:


you could have a Minecraft style optional “The End” with credits, etc. and then you go back to playing the game. There is also an optional Marketplace where they would really like you to buy texture pack and skin upgrades, which I’d rather not in either game!

At this point, why are there even levels anymore? There has to be thousands of people by now who have reached level 50. If they’re not going to bump that up to 500 or infinity, then why have it at all?

Maybe this is unpopular, but I don’t actually think the number of levels is the issue. 50 levels is a lot of levels but I believe Zwift made the leveling XP way too linear, where many games go more exponential - I play multiple games where the last level of XP for instance takes close to the same amount as it took for you to go from level 1 to the second last level for instance.

In Zwift you start needing 20k XP at level 39->40, and that’s the same amount of XP you need to go form each level thereafter to L50. If they made it more exponential (i.e. to get to 50 from 49 would be way more XP than from 48-49 etc…, many fewer people would have maxed out their levels. Heck, I’m 1/5th of the way to 50 in terms of XP and I started end of October.

I mean, they should still have somewhere to go once you hit 50 (like prestiging in Call of Duty, or something to ensure you always have something to work on), but it’s a bit odd that it takes no more time to go from 49-50 as it does from 39-40, 41-42, and so on.


Yes this ia a good point. See this example for levels above 50

I’d be down for this. Regardless, Zwift has been around for about 7 years now. Even if your changes were implemented from the start, there would be quite a few people maxed out already.

It seems a bit lame that the folks who have been paying for the service the longest have fewer incentives and motivations. Seeing a “level 125”, or whatever, next to your name can also give you a sense of pride when riding with clubmates.