Level 50+ update?

Maybe I should have said - Do the people you tell (or see it) really care if you are level 50, 90, 3012? Or is it just for bragging rights?

  1. “Level 50 people won’t leave, so why make more levels…stop complaining”. Sounds like a ■■■■ and that’s a stupid attitude. So, regardless of how easy it is to do they won’t make specific requested improvements because they won’t quit over it anyway? Why wouldn’t someone make improvements if some of your customers enjoy them and they require little effort. Hard to believe that is a quote from a CEO.

  2. You want your most loyal customers to be happy! If the worlds most active cyclists (even if it was only 1% of your customers) get bored and leave, you run the risk of the trendsetters using different apps and pulling other customers away.

I passed level 50 long ago and would love to be earning more levels. I love Zwift, but I also am interested in what is new and different. Rouvy now has actual Ironman courses. Because Zwift isn’t quenching that thirst I am inclined to try Rouvy and that might mean I don’t go back. Keep that in mind Min.



Doubt it, on the WoZ episode after Makuri launched, the frame rate on one of the dev’s screens is hovering around 10fps or less. I suppose that can’t be considered meaningful, but then again another clip shows a dev’s screen running what appears to be a solo bot test ride, and it’s around 25fps. Unfortunately it appears more likely to me that the acceptable minimum performance level for release is something far below 60fps. 20fps maybe.

11th gen isn’t fast enough btw. :rofl:

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Why not make some rare expensive items to buy in the drop shop, this way you can still try to achieve something very few will have. Like the Skelton suit for 10m drops or the paperboy bike for 20m, the transparent suit 30m :wink: it isn’t very difficult to think up ideas for special items.


I wish wheel set would wear out.
Maybe after 1000 miles, the resistance goes up.
Do the same with frames, you have to spend drops to get a bottom bracket update or a new chain every 500 miles or something like that.


I just need a moving Fill Bar and the level count to tick over every so often, keep it simple and we might just get it, might, maybe…
Also don’t want more stuff to just clutter the garage for every complete level.
maybe special stuff, like at 50,000km you get 60fps on Neokyo :heart_eyes:


Maybe when you hit Level 50 the Dura-Ace gruppo should be adjusted to the proper weight!


I’d prefer less complexity (see new groupset bugs).

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So that’s where all the investor money went.


No thanks Tim. I’ve got enough work keeping my trainer and bike serviced and running smoothly without having to worry about doing the same for my virtual equipment.


How about cashing in 10,000,000 drops for a real T shirt.
I want to spend my virtual money.

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Except I already have about 120 T-shirts!


Make sure to select the Everest challenge when first starting out. . . :slight_smile:

My New years goal is to reach Level 51 in 2022.


I appreciate the tip. I have done this before, though. :grin:

Day one wasn’t too bad. Close to level 7.

When I passed the gate after lap 23 of the Volcano Circuit I had two bugs in a row. I grabbed my ATV remote without touching a button or triggering a tap and was greeted with an unsolicited U-turn (that’s a reported regression in a recent update as far as I remember), and when I passed the gate again from the other direction because of that I was being awarded route completion for the CCW lap (I thought that one had been fixed). :man_facepalming:

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Come on, Zwift. Is it really THAT HARD to add a couple new jerseys, shoes, helmets, gloves, sunglasses and socks all the way to say lvl 80? Or 100?
They seem to be adding new drop shops cosmetics all the time for various events. What’s holding them back for lvl 50+ unlocks?


I’m almost at level 45, and moving pretty fast, I’d like to see level 50+ coming soon, since the levels are a HUGE carrot.


At Level 50+ you can remove items from your garage, need less stuff not more!
Just want to see that Fill Bar chug along to the next level, looks like my race is 1,000,000 XP vs Level 51, one is more likely in 2022 then the other! (end of Q1 2022 unless I get ill/ injured & 50,000km by Q3 and I accumulate KMs at a moderate rate compared to many)


What are you doing to your real bikes to need that? My S5 2020 (Team Sunweb) is still going fine on original bottom bracket after more than 10000km.

Chain was still going great until I decided should change it. Only stretched 4mm.

I would not welcome this idea, and besides the high tech tron bike wouldn’t need this.

Maybe they could do triathlon kit for the triathlon riders?

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