Level 50+ update?

Joined October 2015, currently level 40.

When I hit level 50 I doubt I’ll ride any differently. :rofl:

Personally, I’m not motivated by Zwift levels, especially since the Drop Shop. Unlike an MMORPG, for example, they don’t confer any additional power or abilities. Unlike most other games, they’re not visible to anyone else except in a small set of circumstances.

I don’t really understand how Zwift view levels these days. It’s three years since they last raised the level cap. Is this because they have abandoned levels as a progression and reward mechanism? The Drop Shop was launched a mere two months after levels 26-50. It’s possible Zwift deliberately deprecated the level mechanism with its curated rewards in favour of the system that provides greater rider agency.

That doesn’t seem the case from the Eric Min quotation cited earlier in this thread (Level 50+ update? - #183 by MikeBikes66), but it’s possible the proportion of Zwifters who have reached level 50 is small enough that it’s not a priority in Zwift’s eyes.

I’ve no idea, and I’m not about to start tagging Zwift staff demanding insight, but it’d be welcome to get something. Even if it’s “50 is the maximum level and we’ve no plans to increase it.”

As for Rouvy being an alternative, wouldn’t that suffer from the same problem? Once you’ve reached “Legend” in career mode, you’ve beaten the game. I suppose you have the progression from Starter to Legend to play through, but ultimately there’s a ceiling.

Well the Drop shop is definitely a well designed bit of gamification , a worthy successor to leveling behavior one might say . :rofl:.

The problem with both gamification implementations is they have too narrow a focal point , on getting “better” things , instead of opening up other things of interest . Such as access to features or events
In the drops model t hey definitely want to balance the economy to make drops be a more valuable commodity … Hands up who doesn’t have at least 10 million drops and nothing of interest to spend them on ?

If you reach level 50 ( in fact before that even) you have already exhausted any interest in the drop shop by and large . Except when occasionally some new bike or wheels is released that ZI says … new best bike for doing something.


I see the level as an indicator of how intensively someone has used Zwift so far. We cannot expect level advantages with Zwift (although a level-dependent boost would not be bad :wink: - but extremely unfair).
Which is why it doesn’t make sense for me to limit the level that can be reached at all.


Ooops. Failure… The 500k XP for Lvl 50 is needed to reach Lvl 50 after reaching Lvl 49… so i’m not at half way - i’m currently far away :slight_smile:

I agree. I don’t need any reward for the next level, all I want is to see that level go up.


Certainly seems like something that should have just been done , as we assume simple arithmetic can be done . If someone from ZwiftHQ is listening , are you over thinking this and getting bogged down with more than just the basic user story here . We just want to see out Levels ticking over .


Agreed and having to watch those accumulating XP points while I ride but not knowing if they’re worth anything is just frustrating. But given that at the start of this year only 0.7% of Zwift users were Level50+ I’ve just assumed Zwift isn’t going to deal with it any time soon.

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And thanks to them for sticking around and making Zwift known.


There are statistics and statistics … those 0.7% of users account for how much of the active and regular users of the platform . For all we know 99.3% only log on once and are never seen again , as they are obviously NOT level 50 . The 0.7% could be 100% of the active users at any one time . OK its going to be somewhere in the middle of that , but the point is 0.7% of users is a meaningless number . Zwift I am sure are not that daft to want to not do something because a person who creates and account and logs in once and never comes back wont appreciate it . They should you would think want to encourage and support those who most use the platform . You would think …


I might pause my current account and start a new one, anyone want a race to level 50?

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Hmm, not sure they are all special in that sense, though of course there are some exceptions. I speak as someone who has stuck around since 2015 and done my own small part in spreading the Zwift knowledge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Over the years I’ve brought at least twenty people to the platform! :rofl:


No way I am racing you to level 50.

maybe we can create a new joint account for all us level 50 moaners and we can take it in turns to do a level each?


I’ve neither had much fun nor motivation in the last two years on Zwift. Count me in for a fresh start for level 50 :grinning:

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maybe we could take a screenshot of our XP points at a certain date (1 Jan seems appropriate) and we can then manually work out our “new” level first one to old total + 500,000 XPs wins!

Who’ll join us!?? haha

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I’d like to see levels go up again as well. It took me 9 months to make it to L50, and my level bar has been stuck for almost a year and takes up screen space for no reason at all.
I don’t need all sorts of giveaways, just a working ticker.


This is so applicable. This is from Eric’s Thanksgiving ride.


That was hilarious during the ride yesterday :rofl:


Holy Toledo! The guy at the top is FULLY aware of this and still nothing gets done or even communicated with the proletariat! Amazing!