Level 50+ update?

amazing and congratulation :smiley:


I just reached level 50 and for me personally i would like to see more levels added with some much nicer rewards for getting them.

It just makes things more enjoyable having the levels - maybe it’s a dopamine thing, but it’s definitely a plus having levels to work towards.

In the meanwhile i’m just finishing off all the course badges. If Zwift don’t add more levels or things to achieve by the time i’ve collected my course badges then i’ll be off to another platform to do other achievement things. After level 25 i went off and did the whole Rouvy Legend thing and that was infinitely more fun than waiting around on Zwift for level 26-50 to arrive.


why no unlimited leveling till today?
the level will be showing at the back of the rider to others.
simple to implement. i dont need thousands of kits …


Hi I am level 50 but embarrassed to wear the jersey who thought that was a good colour scheme


I think it would be great to have a jersey that updates as you level up. Start with a basic jersey but say arm bands are added for each year on zwift, a small area that lists your level and maybe the shade of the jersey changes with each 25 levels or something like that. As a long time zwifter I’d love to sport something like this and see it get small additions with Fondo patches etc. as the years and miles add up. I think it would be very recognizable and offer somthing for new zwifters to strive for and be a nice trophy if you will for veteran zwifters.


Agree! It can be made very challenging with a systematic increase in the number of points required to reach each new level. Here are the points per level now: it takes a 4% increase in points to go from level 49 to level 50 (a 2% increase in level)… Suppose I say it takes a 4% increase in points to go to every level beyond 50. Then this is a simple geometric series:

level 50: 0.5MP
level 51: 0.5 MP ( 1 + 0.04)
level 52: 0.5 MP (1 + 0.04 ) (1 + 0.04 )

level N: 0.5 MP ( 1 + 0.04 ) ( 1 + 0.04 ) … (1 + 0.04 )

so the points for level N, where N > 49 = 0.5 MP ( 1 + 0.04 )^(N - 50)

This would require 3.6 million points to reach level 100.

There’s no need for new bikes and wheels after level 50. Just offer jerseys, socks, whatever. Maybe offer special paint jobs on bikes.


I have been on Zwift for over two years and logged ugh must be over 7500 miles by now and I am only level 37 and I have all route badges minus france … I like climbing hills over flats and I have not really been utilizing workouts so I leveled slow due to that as well…

I just think there are bigger fish to fry over adding more levels as right now it takes a lot of miles as it is for me to get one so it could be two weeks of spinning depending on if I don’t just jump on a tt bike and run richmond or some other small loop to get banner exp a little faster …

Level 100! ;-p


dammmmm… thats impressive!

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what would 1,452,400 get me?

Also Level 50… all missions done. Whats next Zwift?


with my formula, level 77. I typed this into Google: ln(1,452,400/500000)/ln(1.04)+50

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I want to see more levels added. I’m currently at Level 46 and and am motivated by getting XP points and seeing movement on the progress bar.

Drops are of little interest to me…sure I’ve bought some stuff, but I use Zwift purely for training (not racing or social riding) so having a garage full of different bikes and wheels is of little interest to me.

There should be an unlimited number of levels. Simply come up with an algorithm to increase number of XP points as the level goes up. This shouldn’t be complicated software programming.


Fully agree… And with that, imagine how bummed I was when I saw running only goes to level 21!


Agree with your post, I have bought all of the drop shop and only thing missing is the trike which is no longer available, I was hoping they may update Tron bike with a tri spoke and full disk wheel. I hope we get the level increased to 100 which will encourage people to use Zwift more.


How much KMs does it take before you can empty out the drop shop?

oh good question will check and get back to you

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hello! iam also at level 50 since a few months, have nearly all badges ( only 4 alps to the masoch. and some run badges are left). what is interesting for me: are the more challenges than the climb mt. everest, ride california or tour italy? cause there is a field with a locked field on my challenges screen. i wrote to zwift a few weeks ago if some is planned about the new levels aso… but they only congrats for my achievements … :frowning:


That’s just a tease. There is no fourth challenge.


Really? That’s weird, I’ve got 8 all unlocked and completed on mine. The LEJOGs one was fun but the once round the world one took a while.