Level 50+ update?

Love the idea of my equipment wearing out. They could even degrade the actual performance of the bike when the tires / chain get older. Or have flat tires so you have to change them during your ride. I’ll bet most people would buy (drops) new tires before a big race :slight_smile:


Stuff wearing out - seriously? Why would anyone want this? One of the great things of virtual training is that stuff doesn’t wear out. Or wait… Bikes could be taken to your local virtual bike shop for service. The game locks out for two weeks while “your bike is being repaired”. :smiley:


OK, so maybe that’s not an idea that would be embraced by everyone, but Zwift implemented that rolling resistance thing a while back and, well, look how happy that made everyone! :wink:

Seriously, though, my point was really just that at a certain point XP and Drops really don’t mean anything anymore, because you have all of the virtual kit and virtual bikes you’re ever going to use in the game, so Zwift will either need to scrap those or else come up with some alternative appeal to them. As Zwift is a ‘game’ and other games have ‘health’ that has to be restored, I was just thinking that having to spend your Drops to maintain your equipment might be a good usage.

Personally, I really like Zwift just for the training aspect, so the little goodies don’t mean a lot to me, whereas for others they might. But I still think that beyond a certain point in the game there just isn’t anything a Zwifter needs anymore. So, I think Zwift has to come up with something new and different to keep up the ‘thrill’ of a new achievement in the game.

Oh man Nigel, don’t get me started again on the resistance issue; I and many others are still very displeased with the situation.

I hear what you’re saying and on a certain level I agree, but there’s still tons of ideas and concepts which could be added to the game.


After the Tron bike, double the meters climbed again and earn the matching Helmet.

vEveresting Polka Dot KQOM Jersey.

Double Metric Century Jersey.

Double Empirical Century Jersey.

12 and 24 hour Endurance ride Jersey. (Minimum distance required probably etc.)

A far better level 50 Jersey design, or a “normal” alt choice would be cool as well.

Why not make officially earned Zwift Jersey’s available to be purchased “in real life” if and only if you actually earn them in the game first? Seems like easy advertising and maybe even a bit of extra income for them.

^ See? I’m not even feeling particularly creative at the moment, but there is still lots of room to expand the truly difficult challenges. I’m stupid enough to try and earn a few of those too - if they actually existed in game. Such things motivate me.

What I don’t see is anybody at Zwift HQ who actually cares enough to implement such cool ideas in the game and RL shop. They seem like something which would be rather easy to add. However, their lack of interaction with us lowly customers in the forums is plain for all to see.


Hi Nigel,

This why I think the levels really mean something. In fact all of the little things that Zwift offers are incentives to the many different Zwifters. They all make Zwift the great place it is.

While some of us are racing, others are trying for the Tron and others saving for their next bike or ticking off another route badge or starting a 12 week training plan. Zwift really is amazing. Indoor training used to be a nightmare. Not any more.

However we need it all of the above and possibly more. Surely it can’t be that hard to add another 25 or 50 levels. Just keep giving me the levels without the goods. Or just add Zwift goods rather than sponsored goods. Maybe we could pick our own goods from a Zwift clothing store at each level? PLEASE ZWIFT.
“Ride On”


Maybe once you hit level 50 it works back down to level 1 and then back up to 50 and so on - you could see how many “laps” you can do :grinning:


Hi Chris,
seeing myself regress, may seriously affect my ability to Zwift. :worried:

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I thought I was one of those guys that don’t care about levels until they stopped increasing or when I get close to a new one.

It is nice to see some progress.


For a while before the level 25 cap was actually lifted, you could go to zwiftpower and see what level you would have achieved based on your XP. Even if Zwift isn’t quite ready to raise the level 50 cap yet, it would be nice if they would supply your “achieved level” to zwiftpower and others via that same third-party API.

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Just an editor for all clothes would be the ultimate solution. So you see individuel clothing everywhere…
The items you get are boring and it is always the same procedure.

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Name something worn on that list… I sometimes wear the aero helmet when I time trial just to get my head into it plus maybe annoy others with it.


The items which are said to be new but look just different in design albeit the body is equal.
What i wanted to say. For me a new Jersey is just another Jersey with design xyz do i need it?

I would really appreciate if the game would go more in the game direction other then making advertisment with different brands … It would be much more interesting for people to earn drops and to spend them for new clothing parts and bike parts which could be modded by everyone individually other then beeing forced to wear anything in order to make advertisement.

  1. I would love to design my own bike and/or apparel (helmet, jersey, pants, suit, golves, shoes, …) or to see
  2. Windtunnel which gets more and more scientific enhancements based on races won/classification overall and/or collected drops. So you achieve new aero benefits based on your level and/or your overall activity and/or classification…

WOWl 46 in 1 year!
That’s a whole lot of riding.
The Z points are needed to unlock and buy certain frames and wheels.
I’m curently very motivated to get to level 37, then I will have the frames and wheels I want.
Then I will just like to watch the levels tick by.

I know exactly when Zwift will add more levels.
The month it appears I will reach the top, they will add more levels!


Lets hope so.

Anyone know how far 3,000,000xp might get me? ;-p


haha i was talking about you at start of this topic :stuck_out_tongue:
You probably around 123 level :smiley:

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Hit 3,000,000xp (& 150,000km) today.


amazing and congratulation :smiley:


I just reached level 50 and for me personally i would like to see more levels added with some much nicer rewards for getting them.

It just makes things more enjoyable having the levels - maybe it’s a dopamine thing, but it’s definitely a plus having levels to work towards.

In the meanwhile i’m just finishing off all the course badges. If Zwift don’t add more levels or things to achieve by the time i’ve collected my course badges then i’ll be off to another platform to do other achievement things. After level 25 i went off and did the whole Rouvy Legend thing and that was infinitely more fun than waiting around on Zwift for level 26-50 to arrive.


why no unlimited leveling till today?
the level will be showing at the back of the rider to others.
simple to implement. i dont need thousands of kits …