Let Game Master Ride!

Calling all Zwifters to free Game Master from his sitting prison.  Put a chain on his bike and let him ride.  The poor guy just sits there at the start/finish for all eternity. What sort of people are you, Zwift developers, that you have sentenced him to an eternity of sitting on his bike while the rest of us spin laps around him.  Have you no feelings for this fictitious avatar? 

I agree.  She should race around at 6 w/kg.

No D.ave that way I would never see him move!!! Well, I would never see him, full stop!

I am all for freeing “el Master”, let him go and explore the pixel world around him.

Start a petition.


I say leave him where he is! It’s nice to have a once-per-lap reminder that you, too, once had an invisible ANT+ dongle, a ZwiftLauncher but no Zwift, an app that would show everyone on the course EXCEPT YOU, and that you overcame all of those and now you can ZWIFT!  YOU CAN ZWIIIIIIIIIIFT!