Less worlds: Retire the UCI worlds

This is me. I default to Fuego Flats.

It’s also worth including, if the article doesn’t already, the Pace Partner factor. When I want to ride with a Pace Partner (fairly often out of my total number of rides), the options are severely narrowed.


Also, if I’m doing a workout I often just choose whatever default route is selected. Not sure if that’s normal or not, but might skew the results a bit.

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It is in fact always daytime and sunny in France. Which is one reason why I really like it. The only world, I prefer over Watopia.


If you’re on a iPad then watopia is permanent shade and has been for months which sucks.

And there’s no need for rain anywhere. Miserable.

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Didn’t the shade issue get fixed in today’s app update?

I think it might have… " Fixed an issue which would cause an unexpected solar eclipse, where the entire world was in a shadow of a much larger object."

Same for the Leuven course - it creates fantastic racing, but do I want to go up and down those climbs on a casual ride - usually not.

There is probably also a correlation between number of flat routes and number of routes generally or number of flat routes and total KMs of road!

remember correlation doesn’t mean causation!

I do like the Innsbruck climbs (though I will admit they are very close in difficulty and feel to the Epic KOM and Reverse in Watopia).