Less intrusive ways to upgrade from free trial

Started using Zwift about a week ago and love it. After just a couple rides I wanted to upgrade - looked for a way to upgrade past the free trial period but couldn’t see an easy way to do so wherever it told me I had x kilometers left on my free trial.

I started a workout this morning and saw that I had about 25k remaining on my free trial. Got most of the workout done fortunately but during my last set got a pop-up saying I needed to upgrade. So I jumped off the bike and scrambled to try and enter in my credit card info as quickly as possible - meanwhile, my rider seemed to keep riding behind the pop-up window despite me no longer pedaling, so the stats on my ride now are a bit off. Finally, when I got the CC info in and upgraded from the free trial, I was unable to get back into my workout and finish it.

A good general rule would be to give a user the way to upgrade to premium whenever and wherever you are showing them how much time/distance they have left with the free trial. You may even get a bump in early upgrades from this, and avoid similar scenarios to the one I encountered.

Overall amazing product though - love what you all are doing, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Had almost same situation about a month ago, when riding during the event the popup screen appeared several km before the finish line.
…And I understand that users are responsible to know about the limits of free trial etc…, but it would be nice to provide at least an option to finish an event or close the popup till the end of the event.

Same thing happened to me. Would make sense to allow the current event to finish.

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FWIW I was able to upgrade before using all of my free kilometres. This was just over a week ago. I paid using PayPal.