Length of Ride vs Power Ride

Hi, I am 63 and ride about 45 minutes 2-3 days a week and other days work (boxing) on a heavy bag. FYI I do take off-days if sore.
For my age and general fitness should I focus more on ride duration (e.g. 45 min.) or power (30 min)? Unfortunately cannot do heavy power rides (e.g. harder gears, out of the saddle) because it causes back pain but is would be helpful to know if short harder rides are better than easier longer rides.
Also is there an ideal cadence? Comments would be appreciate…
Thanks Pretty-fit Old Guy :slight_smile: :muscle:

Hi, another old guy here (61).
You will find everything you should know in

Ride on!

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Nice! Thanks :slight_smile:

HI 57 and know the issue, i find short sharp rides more beneficial for Cardio but on a weekend i do longer slower rides to build up endurance, there are some really good trg programmes and a short good one is Emmas short mix 30 mins of full on effort with lots of benefit and no recovery

Hi Paul, Thanks for the recommendation.