Left&Right Arrows on zCompanion during a race

Newbie question, sorry :slight_smile: … I noticed that tonight during a race, I had left & right arrows showing on companion throughout … I didn’t want to try using in case it took me off course … are these to position yourself in a pack better for drafting etc… or am I being too optimistic?

Too opimistic @John_Graham2 :slight_smile:

The arrows will only show as you approach an intersection and allow you to select a different path to the one already chosen. Dont touch during a race! Actually I hadn’t noticed them appearing during races, which is odd as the route is predetermined.

And evidently sweat dropped on the buttons can activate them!

Loads of related info here if you havent already seen it too.

Thanks @Dean - yes, I was surprised too to see them too!! glad I didn’t let my curiosity get the better of me at the time :slight_smile:

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