League Concept - Opinions, Feedback and Suggestions Please

UK Divisional Racing league

6 divisions with initial entry criteria of:
D6. 2.50 to 2.99
D5. 3.00 to 3.49
D4. 3.50 to 3.99
D3. 4.00 to 4.49
D2. 4.50 to 4.99
D1. 5+

Race Time and Format
Thursday 8pm BST
Initial Season length: 6 weeks, 1 race per week consisting of:

Flat stage
Climbing stage
Longer stage
Crit style

Seasons are kept short initially to measure rider consistency and to speed up promotions and relegations to put riders into correct leagues until established.

Awarded for overall race position and intermediate placings such as sprints and categorised climbs. To be decided for each stage/season and depending on Zwift tools available.

Division Promotion/Relegation
At the end of the 6 week season the top x and bottom x will be promoted/relegated and invited to their appropriate divisional races the following season.

1.Invite only via meetup (or club functionality when available - we will create a club for the league)
2.Zwift results are final (not third party apps)
3.Anyone not racing in their correct initial category will not be invited to the next race
4.Division manager reserves the right to not invite you to a race if it is believed your participation is causing a negative impact on the race.
5.Anyone can register for invitation, it’s labelled UK based on the race time.

Divisional managers to manage each division, race invitations and entrants. Each manager should be able to see each season through and ensure fair racing and be prepared not to invite anyone who is not racing in the interest of the division and enforce the rules.

The collective of the divisional managers will form the league Committee and communicate regularly to ensure consistency and the league maintains its rules and objectives.

The meetup function could accommodate the above and I believe race results at the end of a meetup is imminent. It would take some organising, collaboration and a patience but could promote fair and motivational racing. I believe in quality not quantity so not looking for divisions to have hundreds of riders but more like 30 to 50.

I’ve called it UK because that’s where I am based and midweek at 8pm is my ideal time. The concept could easily be replicated in other time zones, which could then lead to world based competitions at a divisional level. But small steps first!

Would be interested in your feedback.

Looks good to me. I feel like it really needs club functionality to not have to rely on 3rd party data management at all, or at least significantly improved meetup functionality with start gates and results. I’ll definitely join up when it launches! Are you planning to manage it through a website or facebook group? I’ll also send you a DM