Leaderboards not working correctly

(Joe Siegel) #1

According to the latest release, the leaderboards should work like this: Leaderboard times now remain valid while you are riding in Zwift and for one hour after. If you log off and return within an hour, you will regain your jersey if your time remains the fastest.

However, I noticed that my Orange jersey time expired during a ride (probably at about an hour after it was set, but I was not keeping that close attention). Additionally, times set less than an hour ago were gone as well (they would have been on the leaderboard after my fastest expired). Also, after that point that the original expired, I set new times that should have been on the leaderboard, but they did not show up either. It was basically like I was no longer eligible for the orange jersey, regardless of when the time was set during the ride.

(Robert Lyons) #2

I’ve experienced the same thing

(Andrew Williams) #3

All leading efforts time out after an hour from the time the effort was performed.

(Joe Siegel) #4

Andrew, did you read my whole comment? First, this is not how Zwift advertized the leaderboards, they said they will disappear and hour after you stop riding.

Second, that is not my issue. My issue is that after an hour and my original time disappears, I can’t set new times.

(Andrew Williams) #5

Calm down.  It is what it is.  That is what I am trying to tell you.

(Joe Siegel) #6

This is beta feedback, I’m reporting a bug. Should I “calm down” and not report bugs?

(Andrew Williams) #7

If there is a bug, open a support ticket. That will be a faster and more efficient way to deal with it.

However, where you see a bug I only see a working model that was either incorrectly or incompletely described in the latest “What’s New” posting.

We haven’t been told why the leaderboard system was changed, but to me, it seems clear that they wanted to keep the leaderboards from being cornered and controlled by one rider (especially if that rider is a virtual power “flyer”).  A one-hour time limit seems quite fair.

And as I understand it, you actually need to do a “leading” effort in order for the timer to begin.  Hence, none of the efforts you did after your first champion effort would have counted, since they would have made the leaderboard be filled with a whole bunch of…


And, as I see it, that would undermine the idea of making the leaderboards more available to more people.  So, maybe next time, hold off on your max efforts until your previous winner times out.

I could be wrong about any of this, and I actually don’t really care.  Eric or Jon will perhaps come in and set the record straight.


There are a lot of things about Zwift that currently need a bit of adjustment in my opinion, but the one-hour timeout was a step in the right direction, and I like it.




(Joe Siegel) #8

I’m not posting this to debate the merits of how leaderboards work, only that they aren’t working as advertized, something that Eric mentioned in the FB group was, in fact, a bug. I honestly don’t care about the leaderboards either, but it was disappointing that an hour later, even new times you set were no longer eligible for leaderboards - that’s not what Zwift intended. I came here to report it. Beta feedback seemed like the right place to report a bug.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #9

Currently this is behaving as intended and is not, in fact, a bug. We’re testing this feature out. Obviously, this being Beta, just let us know what you think as the only constant is change :slight_smile:

For the record, I am a different Eric (confusing, yes I know).

Regarding not getting the orange jersey back (despite posting times in 1st place), I’ll bump that up to see what’s going on there.

(Christopher Pallotta) #10

Joe, for what it’s worth, I don’t see that you’re in any way overreacting or misusing the support hub. Andrew, as you say, you could be wrong about any of this.