Leader signups

It has always upset me that I can’t see which leaders have signed up for an event. A simple tick or highlight would suffice. I have to go to Zwiftpower to look and that only displays them if they are on Zwiftpower. I am sure all teams on Zwift are checking all the time to see if leaders are signed up through various other methods, messenger etc etc. Just show it on the sign ups please?

… or maybe a separate category for ‘Signed on Leaders’, so the current Leaders category is still shown but as a leader signs up to the event they are moved to the ‘Signed on Leader’ category (in addition to the ‘Following’ and ‘Other’ categories already implemented)

@shooj … is this one you can highlight to the Companion App team?

A small tweak, but it would massively improve the user experience for team ran events !

Same goes for sweepers :wink:

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Exactly, having to use zwiftpower to figure out which lead/sweep is signed up (and some are not on zp) is a pain.

Isn’t this already in the Companion App? Or do you mean something different?

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Not it only shows the riders allocated Sweeper or Leader status it doesn’t show if they have signed themselves up to the event.

Ah okay, I assumed if they were on that list it meant they were signed up (as it does with everyone else).

Hi Zwift, did you see this topic ??