Launching Zwift goes directly into game and ride- Where do I go to update my info

First, enjoyed first ride today with wahoo kickr. 2 questions:

  1. I saw a few questions on wahoo “calculated” speed and cadence. I was able to search and find my wahoo BLUESC device for speed and cadence. I’m assuming it will use the wahoo bluesc for cadence and still use the kickr for calculated speed? Can someone explain this in more detail as my cadence and speed seemed to be off.

  2. During my first ride I picked up/unlocked a few bonus things, but how do I get back to my bike/account profile info and settings to see what I unlocked? When I launch zwift it takes me directly to the game ready to start riding and I just want to look around and get a better feel of the app itself. Is there a basic players guide book?

T to goto options

Zwift doesn’t care about or use your speed sensor but it should use your cadence. Speed in Zwift is a function of your weight (currently 75kg for all riders but will eventually be adjustable) and your current power output. Zwift crunches those numbers through their internal physics engine and comes up with in-game speed so your rear wheel speed, as displayed by your cycling computer if you have one, will pretty much never match the speed in Zwift.