Latest "upgrade" woes

Kinetic controlled road machine, V3 garmin power, Polar him on apple TV ( older 4K) with iPhone SE companion app to connect the BT

before the lasted update all was fine, i switched on, woke my devices, ran swift on apple TV, ran companion app… all devices connected by default and I could ride.

Default devices never shown, have to select smart control as power ( its not shown in “controlled”), then reselect power and cadence source to be V3 pedals, then usually re-select hear rate.

Made me miss start on herd ride today, mmGroup ride location not shown so had to waste time selecting a “dummy” world the joining event.
I started a minute late, but was still moved the short distance to yellow, not allowed to catch up.
Throughout the riders list on game screent was corrupt, always showing --/82, with few riders shown, only a few of the many between me and yellow, and none behind, denote having passed a few.
The Zwifters tab on the companion app was similar.
The companion app did show the other riders as dots.

At end after 2 hours, after the end of the ride, apple TV defaults to"return" rather than “stay where I am” trying to select on the remote was taken as a lets go away !

The only change, new software versions…

Not happy !!

Have you tried rebooting your Apple TV? If that doesn’t help, try reinstalling Zwift on it.

yes it get rebooted every time as I turn off the power to my set up after each ride.

it has only recently been reinstalled, from the apple store app, thats when all of the problems started !

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