Latest update improved my ride, Needs better Touch / Mouse Support

I am sorry if this has already been mentioned., I have only ridden a few times 0 tonight was the latest.

This was my first ride after updating my profile with height and weight. Since I weigh 65 Kg vs 75 Kg I had hoped it would improve things. I think it did. My ride seemed more realistic tonight and the big climbs - albeit tough - were doable. Seemed like I could barely get up those before today and tonight they seemed more like I would expect from those grades. I still say these grades are easier outside - and I do a lot of climbing - but it is much closer than before and certainly more realistic than most real course video programs I have used.

Currently I am using a MS Surface Pro 3.0. I will switch to MAC when that is available but I like the surface for this. The issue is that I don’t like to have the keyboard attached - just want to use touch. I can’t even see how to pause or stop using touch - let alone changing views and other functions. I would like to see much better support for touch / mouse input.

I too have a Surface Pro 3 and would vote for some sort of touch support as well. I always leave my keyboard attached but would like this for a slightly different reason to Paul. When I ride I have my Surface on a table to the left of me. It’s in touching distance but I prefer to fold the keyboard under the Surface so that the screen is as close to me as possible (makes a surprising difference with respect to the details for each rider).

I often do rides of a certain duration or distance. When I am done I need to press the Esc key at that moment and for that I need to pick up the Surface, move the keyboard back to the front and press Esc - all while potentially racing to the line :slight_smile: It’s kinda trick!

A touch interface would resolve that. Maybe a spot on the screen (perhaps the stats section at the top with speed, distance, etc) - touch that and then a pop up menu of options is displayed (big and touch-friendly). The menu disappears after a few seconds if not used.

Something like that.


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