Latest races have no data

Hi there

Been racing a hidden series for danish riders only. First race have complete data on results for all participants, but the latest three races have not been updated.
What makes the difference? I personally havent done anything different when saving etc.

I have noticed the three lastest races have a green lightning, which means ‘live data’ - again what can I do to change that?
Is it an organizer setting?

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Are your activities private? If so, this is probably the reason.

well, no I don’t think so. Haven’t changed anything and have raced +300 races.
First race in this series also has data updated, so I dont get the sudden change.

But the whole series IS a ‘hidden’ race - but again why could first race be updated?

It should make no difference that the event is unlisted.

Did this just happen to you or a number of other riders?

Yes problem seems to grow
I cant link to races, but if you go to my zwiftpower profile, its my last four races.
First in series is fine. last three big gaps.

Kristian Nøhr - Fusion Development

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