Latency in Jungle

As indicated in heading topic I get latency issue when riding in Mayan Jungle.
Only in jungle.

4300 users online and Wi-Fi 284/72 on 5 ghz.
Ping is currently at 5.7 ms.

Hardware wise everything is ok.

Anybody else seeing this too?

Can you explain what you’re meaning by this?

Screen graphics lags. Graphics not running smoothly.
Did a ride in dessert and here graphics is moving smooth.

That’s because the hardware demands (on the GPU) in the jungle are much higher than most other areas, due to the combination of dense foliage and dust particle effects. What you’re seeing is your GPU running at its maximum capacity and the resultant frame rate being lower than you’d like.

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Thanks Dave.
I’ll write to Santa asking for a new laptop or gfx card :slight_smile:

Any recommendations?
I’m using a Lenovo Thinkpad X240 with Intel HD Graphics 4400.

There’s no right answer, it depends on what your targets are in terms of resolution, detail and frame rate. The Watopia jungle is hard to maintain 60fps on even with a good dedicated graphics card that will do 100fps elsewhere (and don’t get me started on Makuri Islands). Gaming laptops are terrible value, I wouldn’t buy one for Zwift. If you’re on Facebook, search ZPCMR.

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