Late / Rejoin group ride appears to be broken again

Kind of shocked this hasn’t been posted yet; but my group riders rejoining are struggling and it’s really damaging our group ride appearance due to this feature being broken again.

Bug occurs when user who late / rejoins a group ride will not follow the same route as the group leader; and veers off onto some random path instead breaking them from the group ride.
And being a group ride; you cannot control your route, so… you’re no longer part of the group ride, just in the same world as the group ride that’s going on somewhere else.

I can’t say for sure when this bug started, but it seems to have begun at release of January patch as well.

Late join has been removed from official ZwiftHQ events again in the past week, once it emerged the wrong route bug wasn’t squashed. :grimacing:

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BUMP: this is kind of inexcusable; group ride just split where our chase group took a totally different turn (and yes; they were with us at start of ride)