Late joining event and dropped in pen instead of group

After latest update, where I finally got the temp plate / new Home Screen…

Don’t know if it’s related to that update or just a new bug.

When joining events- at the latest or using late join option.

It seems that I get dropped in pen and not with the group riding.

Then I have to leave ride and rejoin…, second time I get dropped in bunch and can cruise along with group.

At yesterdays ride with Bagel Rolls , we had multiple riders having same issue- and all we could recommend was for them to rejoin …

I’ve had this issue the last 3 days- in nearly all my rides .

Please fix it -

Since I know what to do - I do it and get to my rides .

But we have other riders that aren’t aware that they have to rejoin…

If not fixing the problem- then at least let the community know what to do if experiencing the problem.

Reported this a couple of times in the two Home Screen threads. Doesn’t seem to impact everyone otherwise I suspect more would mention it. PIA.


I’ve had it two or three times recently.


happened to me today… dropped in the pen. Had to end and rejoin.


Having same issue since latest update…not bothered to report yet, as is often a waste of time with Zwift tbh


I also have had this issue since the last big update. I didn’t try to rejoin. I just rode with pace partners instead

It might be that the topic get lots in the abundance of different issues and bugs occurring-

But do believe- that we at least should report it, cause if everyone just let it be - due to never seeing any answers from HQ. Then how will they get the memo-?- how will they know…
that we want it fixed…?

They do have a lot on their plate-
An obscene amount of issues, bugs, and so on.

They are rolling out new temp plates/Home Screens.

On top of that, we have zrl , ttt, new courses opening- , fence issues,

It could seem like- we only raise our voices when things are annoying- when things aren’t working-

We need to do more of the praising when HQ does something we like…

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HQ has flagged this internally.

In possibly the quickest fix in history - this will be fixed in the next release, which I think is next week.


Maybe this is a feature and not a bug? Wasn’t there a prior discussion about how there are some events for which some people were actually wishing that an option to start in the pen existed when doing late join?

Probably this happens when you press “Start Ride” directly from the event tile immediately after launching Zwift.

This is a workaround for the time being.

  1. Cancel the event join once, join again and then start the ride.
  2. The same method as before. Ride once in some world and then start the event.(

Just 2 months ago.

Although issue here from OP is that system doesn’t work properly and for some riders you currently have to leave and rejoin to get into the group, but fixed soon.

[My option on late join is:
Do you wish to join the group OR Do you wish to start your ride from the Pen. Surely not that difficult to implement and hopefully covers all options. Any other options to consider? ]

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No option to reconsider and I strongly doubt it’s as simple as you seem to think it is.


Just don’t fix it… and label it a new feature :slight_smile:

Thank you James!!