Late join not working consistently [June 2022]

exact same issue

Thanks all - I merged several threads reporting this issue into this one. The team’s aware and investigating.

Ah and Georgina above also in the group!

Please take to the dev team knowledge that the “finding riders” is not the only issue in private events, there’s also the bug where the group speed is hugely affected after the late join (when it works), reported in details here


Hi @Cindy_McCourt @Janine_P8379 @Georgina_Alsop_Cycle @Dean @Jess_Ballinger_VVixe @oldnapalm @Y.iannis @chris_andrews_TO

Following up on this issue. Has it continued to happen to you, or was it a one-off thing? If yes - we may need to contact you to get game logs from specific sessions where this happened.

I haven’t experienced it anymore. I can’t speak for everyone. Thx for checking.

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I’ve not had a repeat but definitely still disorganised enough to continually test for it (group rides only, not meetups).

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A subsequent update appears to have sorted the issue for me :slight_smile: Thanks for following it up.


Late join still doesn’t work. Joined a ride this morning and wasn’t joined with the group. On Mac and group ride, not meetup.

I have little data to add as most people are on holiday at the moment but today, after the 1.27 update, we had some of he most buggy meetups ever:

  • Two people started on time
  • I joined 3 minutes late. The problem happened as usual. Searching for riders for about 30 seconds while I was pedalling slowly. Then resetting me back to the beginning.
  • The two riders were stuck at 46Km/h and I at 22 or so with the gap growing fast while they were barely pedalling and I was chasing.
  • 10 minutes later, another person joins and gets dropped in a random location, 3 minutes ahead of the other two guys.
  • At about 20 minutes in the session, I disconnect and then placed properly. The last person who joined did the same and we all ended up together.
  • The we rode stuck at 46Km/hour.

I am happy to send logs. Also happy to get more data from future rides.


  • This was a meetup with “keep everyone together” and I was the leader
  • The two first riders were on iPad and Windows, I was on Mac the last person on iPad
  • I never had issues with events. They are working flawlessly wrt late join.

Thanks both for confirming and giving us fresh instances to investigate. I pulled your game logs from the server.

@Oliver_ZRace_Central it appears this is the group ride you did this morning, is that the one?

@Y.iannis I relayed your notes to the team as well. Thank you.

The group ride that I did this morning was this one: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App. Left it early for the race because I was already 5+ min behind.

Hey @shooj ,
An update on this topic: Over the weekend, I participated in two group rides, late joined both of them. When late joining, I did not have any issue with the feature. It worked as expected and put me with the leader.


I added some of the game logs from last week to help our team troubleshoot, but we’re still working to identify the root causes


Apologies for the late update. Peak holiday season + heatwave = very little zwifting and meetups.

Looks like the problem is now solved. It’s been a few meetups now that late join worked flawlessly both for me and others, whether it’s the leader that joined late or members.


@shooj I have been corresponding with your support team about a recent issue I’ve been having with late join. They directed me to this thread however it doesn’t describe it in the manner I’m experiencing it. It started occurring a couple of weeks ago. I was late joining a group ride that I had signed up for. It takes me into the pen momentarily. Then correctly drops me into the middle of the pack with the pedal assist counter. After a few seconds (it hasn’t made it to zero) I get dropped out of the ride. I’m on the same course pedaling away with others who are JRA. If the group ride had race results on I was listed as if I had finished the ride. This has happened 3 times now. I’m on current generation of Apple TV 4K and use the Companion app to connect my BLE devices through. Please let me know if you need additional information to troubleshoot.

Still happening, all the time on all events. Either late join fails after dropping the rider into the event then kicks them or if you manage to late join there is a big chance of misrouting.

@Y.iannis @shooj
@Steve_Clogg_PACK_LEA is right. This issue is not solved and numerous post around the forum to confirm.
Late joins will have you join and then instantly “finish” the ride. If the late join does allow you to join, then you are misrouted in the wrong direction. Both times have been in routes containing “Ven-Top” so far, but the late join early finish happens in multiple events at any time.

Today’s error occurred on the 3R Endurance Steady Ride at 5:30 EST - Petit Boucle

I’m using Apple TV4k and companion app. Let me know if you need any more info.