Late Join is not Working this Morning V1.53.2.2

I late joined We are Invictus on The Big Ring at 7:50AM PST, so 5 minutes late and got dropped in about 2 minutes behind the yellow beacon/main blob. Chased for a while and tried again just when we got to the new road out of the Indian Springs turnaround. This time I was another 2:27 behind; I know this because that’s how long it took to get back to where I dropped off and re-late joined. All of the others who LJ’d had the same experience.

Late join is always hit and miss, sometimes it works a treat, others, no chance

In a club event today one rider late joined successfully and another one was started in the pen 6+ minutes behind. This is what I expect from the feature.

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This is the first time in nearly 4 years of Zwifting has LJ not worked. I don’t use it often so that might be part of my lack of experience with LJ failures. In this case, it failed exactly the same two times in the same event leading me to believe we have a systemic problem. I guess we do but it’s not the systemic problem I thought it was…