Late entry/unable to enter

This is properly annoying although it hasn’t happened for awhile.
Entered the ZHR Masters TT at 11:20, race starts at 11:30 and my start time was 11:37.
Couldn’t enter start Pen.
Couln’t race.
Rushed home for no reason.

Not a happy bunny.

Did you get the option to join event?

If not, and this happens pretty rarely, but the best option is to leave and re-join the event in the companion app.

Didn’t get the option.
Left and rejoined the game but didn’t think to leave/rejoin the app.
Next time!

As I’m all fueled and gelled up, I’ve joined a pursuit race instead… oh crumbs.

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Good luck :slight_smile:

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Needed more than luck but thanks anyway.

Yet again, more proof that I’m not a B.
Got absolutely mullered and with 10 clicks to go, my bunch were 5 minutes ahead.

The diet stops now.
I look ill at 93kgs so sod the diet and just try to train more.

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