Last ZA road finish line ride not listed

I need to do the ZA road finish line ride. On Friday the companion app showed one at 2:00 pm on Monday and one at 4:00 pm. Now they are not there. ZA Road isn’t supposed to end until 9:59 today. A lot of effort not to get to finish.

Hi @Dwayne_Letterman, welcome to the forums.

When I looked over the weekend the final ZA 2021 rides were ending very early this morning (I’m in the US, Eastern time zone). The last finish line ride was at 4am today (Monday 10/25). So I had to finish it up last night in order to make the cutoff.

Edit: the FAQ says this:
The qualifying period begins on August 30, 2021, 3:00 pm UTC and ends on October 25 2021, 9:59 am UTC.

9:59 am UTC is 6 am for me

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Not what this says

It look like there a bit of conflicting information out there.

But in short the Academy road is all done.

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No one should be using am or pm when citing UTC times, which, as an international time reference only exist in 24 hour clock format. If someone at Zwift actually wrote that content for the page in the way shown in @Dwayne_Letterman’s post, they need schooling on international scheduling communication 101.

All the Road Academy pages are now empty, as the final rides ended this morning (Central European Summer Time). However, whenever I was looking this stuff up over the last weeks, I didn’t come across any examples of that error and all the information was supplied in the correct format, indicating that the programe ended at 09:59 UTC on 25 October. (I know, because I would have contacted Zwift straightaway like the pedant that I am.)

I’ve tried (very briefly) to find similar examples to the screenshots in the above post but in the Running and Tri Academies. Couldn’t find any.
I wonder if this isn’t a classic case of a browser or OS applying bad AI to web content, converting times it finds to am and pm and failing miserably. I’ve seen this a lot during international work assignments and it causes havoc for everyone.
If anyone can find a live Zwift page that still shows am or pm UTC times, please supply the full URL so we can see if it’s browser-/OS-specific.

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Replying to my own post, but I’ve just found this example in the Run Academy FAQs [ > academy > zarun]:

That’s just plain wrong in anyone’s book.

@shooj Sorry to bother you at what seems to be a busier-than-usual time, but is there a way of getting the word to Zwift web content editors to make sure that times are indicated unambiguously?
UTC is a great standard that I wish was used more – as long as it’s employed correctly – but an accompanying, disambiguating time (e.g. Eastern Standard/ Daylight Time) for the same instance in the same paragraph can be very helpful, so that people can clarify for themselves.

Correct use of 24 hour time with UTC is a challenge for us Freedom Unit-loving Americans, like the metric system. le sigh

As a global company, we’re shifting toward using UTC in much of our communications (at times incorrectly with am/pm notation). We ask for your patience, as this is a muscle we need to exercise.


Thank you for replying, and please understand that I fully sympathize with the challenge Zwift faces with this issue. I hope that what I wrote wasn’t interpreted as a specific criticism of a US approach to the problem. Communicating about international times is a minefield that no country or culture on earth seems to navigate with ease.

In a previous role, I worked in the coordination of live satellite/fiber feeds by 50+ major/national broadcasters around the globe. Errors in translation/calculation between the various time standards were so common it was worrying. (Daylight Savings is one of the major causes, but so is the old-fashioned use by many of GMT and the confusion with UK local time, complicated by the fact that for seven months of the year, the time in Greenwich in London is not Greenwich Mean Time…)

Anyway, while the politically and culturally neutral UTC is a great reference system, we have to recognize that most lay people aren’t clear on what their region’s relationship to UTC is, and are unlikely to become more familiar with it very soon. To avoid the confusion and disappointment experienced by people missing deadlines, as illustrated earlier in this thread, I heartily recommend supplying such information around times with illustrations of two, three or more major regional time zone examples, so that it’s easier for someone to get an idea at a glance of when that point in time is in relation to their own clock. It takes up a few more lines in the text, but helps a great deal.

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