Last ride missing

(Alex Paxton) #1

Hi my last ride uploaded to TP and Strava but no sign of it on zwift.

(Paul Allen) #2

Was it a 10.7 mile, 0:43 min long ride? I see that as being your last ride 1 day ago.

(Vincent W.) #3

Also, did you experience some connection issues during this ride? Any drop offs in connection at all? Was this the first time since playing the Beta that your ride didn’t upload to Zwift?

Feel free to troubleshoot your symptoms using our My Ride Didn’t Upload guide as well! 


(Alex Paxton) #4

It was my first ride. The only connection issue i saw was a low battery notification interrupted the ride and it took couple of minutes for zwift to take control of the wattbike atom. All the data seems intact on strava etc.

(Vincent W.) #5

UPDATE: It looks like the current bug where your ride was saved at a future date, which resulted in the funky non upload. We’re investigating this bug currently and hope to have a positive update on it’s status soon! 


Currently investigating, will update as soon as possible!