Laptop help

Hi guy’s,
I’m after a bit of tech advice, my tech knowledge is very limited, I’m looking at getting another laptop just for zwift and have come across this refurbished one.

Toshiba Satellite Z830-10U Core i5 2467M 6GB 128GB 14 Inch Windows 10 Laptop TR/30/237 ssd 126gb intel graphics interested.

Would this work ok? Has to be better than my current 12year old one.
Any advice greatly appreciated.


No, it will not work with Zwift.
For Zwift you need Intel graphics at least Haswell-Generation (that’s the 4xxx Series) or a dedicated GPU, best from Nvidia.

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You could get an AppleTV.

Thanks for the replies, am I right in thinking apple TV is only Bluetooth compatible, and if it is is it a reliable connection?

Yes, it’s BLE only, but you can use the Viiiiva HRM or NPE CABLE to bridge ANT+ to it if needed.

As long you eliminate any interference, it is reliable.

Go here and read about your options. He’s extremely clear. In general, no laptop will get you great graphics but almost any will “work”. But an apple TV is less than $200.

Thanks again guys, great help :+1:

Purchased apple TV and set it up this afternoon, just what I needed thanks for the advice again guys.