Lap Timer including Pause time

(JD Griffis) #1

It appears that the lap timer is including time that I was paused. Would be nice if pause stopped the lap timer as well as the elapsed time; since normally I’ll do that right as I finish one lap and before I start the next (water bottle refill, bio break, etc.).

(Aaron Sifferman TeamODZ) #2



If you are able to use the turn around function I would use that if I were you. Right after you finish your lap turn around, go back through finish and turn back around.  That way you can jump off, do what you need to and start at the begining.  Not sure that stopping the lap timer would be practical as there would be room for user manipulation there.


Hope that helps.





(K.C. Race3R) #3

The lap timer needs to include pauses or people could sprint, rest, sprint, and set crazy jarsey winning lap times …

(JD Griffis) #4

I get that people can manipulate the pause to get crazy stats; although pretty sure there is already plenty of manipulation going on… One way to get around that might be to have a “neutral zone” between laps where you could stop/pause before starting the next lap. Could also limit the pauses to a certain amount of time and/or number of pauses before your laps doesn’t count in the leaderboard.