Language Support with appropriate font and term

Thank you for your hard working on Japanese language support!
It takes the language barrier away, I believe much more Japanese people will be interested in Zwift.

Even though English class is mandatory in Japan, I was surprised that actually there are so many Japanese people don’t read English at all… hmm…

I believe you are busy on supporting other languages, but I can suggest that there could be several things to improve on Japanese support.

1, The font looks clutter. There is a super common “POP” font that is called “HG Soei Kaku POP font” which almost dominates casual scene of Japanese pop font usage. I think the HP Soei Kaku pop well suites the mood of Zwift’s default font. I don’t know the license of the HG Soei Kaku POP font, but there are several versions, you can see anywhere streetside here and there in Japan, so there must be a way to use the font legally in proprietary product easily.

2, Average Japanese, who without deep English knowledge, always see the term “imperial” something to do with “emperor” “imperial palace” but nothing to do with measurement units, regardless it’s written in katakana. So the translation doesn’t work. In Japanese community people keep asking “Because the unit is mile, I must multiply it by 1.6! There is no way to set to metric!? OMG!!!” I think “マイル”(mile) rather than current notation of “インペリアル法”(imperial) works great while “mile” is not a precise term (because altitude is measured in feet, not miles)

Thank you for your suggestions!
Your comments on the font and unit display are much appreciated. We will be looking into them to keep improving Zwift experience! 

We hope you continue to enjoy Zwift and the community:)

Ride On!