Lagging [SOLVED]


I have two separate problems.
The first one, when finishing the ride. I was putting save. It was saving the game but not going back to the main menu and i had to force the stop for the app.
And the second one, i have a lagging time for the first 1-2 min then all is alright until the end.
Even not more lagging for a 1 -2-3 hours ride. The wifi connection is good, app update, no firewall problem.
I’m using the app on my laptop.

Thanks for your help

If you have video screenshots enabled (depends on your cpu) try turning it off

Thanks for your answer.
I have disabled it. I can exit normally, without forcing anymore (CTRL + Alt + Enter). Only with the top right cross.
I will try a ride wednesday…
Thank again

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I made a test ride. No more lagging. Problem solved. Thank you

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