Ladies Leaderboards Glitch - Display Time


Since the most recent update, the Ladies Leaderboard Display times have been DRASTICALLY reduced. (This goes for all leaderboards - QOMs, Sprints, Overall Lap Time, etc).

When riding last night, the men’s leaderboard would display for ~5-8 seconds, but then the Ladies Leaderboard would literally just “flash” on the screen for about 1/2 second, and then it would cycle through to the next one. 

As a “Lady”, this is VERY frustrating!! I Zwift on Rollers, so it’s a bit difficult to fix my gaze at one area of the screen for more than a moment in order to see how I placed in a leaderboard effort. Even when doing my absolute best last night to stare directly at the left side of the screen where the leaderboards display, I was still not able to “catch” the ladies standings 99% of the time.

Can you please fix this with the next upgrade, so that the display time for Ladies Leaderboards is AT LEAST 2-3 seconds (which would be ~50% of the display time for the men’s leaderboards)?

Thank you so much!

Christie Tracy