Lack of events

Back on Zwift here in North America now that the weather has changed and surprised there are very few events to join on a Saturday morning at 9:AM.
Nothing until 10:05 and it’s a Clydesdale Race. Seems odd. Anyone have any insight or wondering the same?

Noticed the same on weekday afternoons. At one time, we had several events to choose from at various times. Now, they only have one or two events to choose from , such as a time trial race.

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Saturday 9am EST

That’s not what was offered that I saw on the date I posted the question.

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Events don’t get loaded weeks in advance, so check closer to when you plan to ride.

Were you using the Companion app when you saw very few events? First time I loaded that up after a recent update there was something like 1 event per hour listed. Zwiftpower had loads. So on the Companion app I filtered for races, then reset filters, and all of the events came back.


Had to be the same issue. Yes I was using Companion and right after an update. Thanks