L39ION Lioness Event Not Set Up Correctly?

Not sure where to post about this to get it corrected but here goes.

L39ION Lionesses have set up what they describe as a “women’s only” event for 3rd Thursday of each month. However, it hasn’t been set up to restrict sign up to women only and consequently the majority of the signups for tomorrow’s event are men. I assume most haven’t read the description which is below and simply saw L39ION, the time, and w/kg. Given the description shouldn’t the event been set up as a restricted event?*** I know this probably can’t be fixed for tomorrow and it wouldn’t be fair to boot those who have already signed up but moving forward either the event should be restricted or the description needs to change.

Event description on Companion:
“Now you can join Skylar, Kendall, Julyn, Amber, Alexis, Shayna, and Samantha on the third Thursday of each month for a women’s only social ride. Women of all cycling levels from all over the world are welcome and the L39ION women have chosen a social ride because they want to talk and hear other women’s ideas on how together, we can make a more diverse and inclusive women’s peloton for cycling while making the sport a better place for all.”

***Please note I have noticed on this forum that not everyone is in favor of having women’s only events but that’s how the event has been described so this thread is about ensuring and it meets it self-described purpose and goals.

This is intentionally a mixed event. But I’ll flag with the ride owner in our Marketing team.

Thanks, James. Appreciate you letting the marketing folks know to get the description corrected.

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Just to come back to this, it’ll be women’s only from now on.