Kurt Kinetic Trainer receiving 'No Signal' when pairing with Android Zwift Companion


(Steve Bestul) #63

Glad it worked!

(Lamar Carter) #64

My issue is not the connection, but ZWIFT staying connected to the Kinetic after 1mile, it shows the trainer as being offline, yet the connection shows connected.

(Steve Bestul) #65

Sounds more like an internet connection issue or WIFI problem. Haven’t seen that by try looking this up on Zwift support: Cycling >> FAQs >> Do I need an internet connection to ride on Zwift?

(Klaas Wierenga Wbr) #66

I have the same problem. Any solution as yet? Thanks


(Lamar Carter) #67

If it was WiFi, I would also lose connection with ZWIFT, but I don’t. It just looses the connection with the Kinetic, like there is no power, yet it still shows connected when I look at Bluetooth and all the riders from around the world just keep zooming by my avatar.

(Steve Bestul) #68


When this happens, if you go back to the page that shows paired devices, look at the the 3 green icons: Power Source - Cadence - Controllable. If they still show connected, and there is a message on top of these icons that says “no signal”. Try this: You must do a complete reset of your Apple TV. Go to: SETTINGS > SYSTEM > RESET. It also asked to download latest update during this process, accept that and completely reset the Apple TV. It takes quite a while, and you have to log in all of your information along with your Apple ID again. This seems to clear the issue when the latest Apple auto update pushed to your Apple TV. Also the KK trainer can have a conflict if you have the Bluetooth on in your phone with the Zwift app running and using ATV at the same time, so shut off Bluetooth on your phone when you do this. If that is the issue, I hope this works for you too.

Steve B.

(Lamar Carter) #69

They show connected and there is no “no signal” indicator on, I had that before and since doing the reset it no longer occurs; I did that step after seeing it here on the previous posts.

I use Bluetooth connectivity to listen to music in my AirPods while riding. The Kinetic isn’t paired to my iPhone, only my iPad, but I’ll make an attempt to see how long the ride lasts w/o showing zero power. Right now, 1 mile is the max distance I get. I’m paying for a service that doesn’t work right now, and the Kinetic videos are just boring. The same happens when I use Ful Gaz, so It’s clearly not just ZWIFT. There is a breakdown with ATV and Kinetic somewhere.

(Lamar Carter) #70

With no Bluetooth on, the connected lasted 1.9 miles before it dropped, yet it still shows that paired to the Kinetic in the menu screen.

(Steve Bestul) #71

If that didn’t work, maybe go to the Kinetic website and click on the Zwift (3rd party apps) icon, and they have something there regarding bluetooth connection dropping. Sounds like your trainer and ATV are having problems staying connected.

(Vincent W.) #72

Hey @Lamar_Carter @Klaas_Wierenga @Nicolas_PIERSON we should have a fix for this in the next update. There was an issue with the fix before so it had to be delayed but we’ve got that sorted out. Thank you for being patient with us!

(Klaas Wierenga Wbr) #73

Thanks! When is the next update due to be released?

(Lamar Carter) #74

Thanks for the update, but I’m moving on from the Kinetic Brand, though I hope it works out for the rest of you who were having issues. I’ve never been on a more helpful forum. Thank You.

(Richard Orr) #75

Any clue on when the update will be coming out? I just got the Control unit on my Kinetic trainer and want to experience those automatic resistance situations!

I have to use the Mrs. iPhone and she is not happy that she loses her phone whenever I want to ride =/

(Kirsten Walter) #76

I use a Kinetic rock n roll smart trainer, the kinetic fit app on Android (Pixel 1), and zwift companion to connect to my pc. When the upgrade issue happened, I was able to use the work around shared by David Prause for a little while. But, now, Zwift can’t even find my device, so I don’t get to the “no signal” step in the issue.

I know you are working on fixing, but do you have any suggestions for at least getting zwift to recognize my device? The companion app is connecting (phone icon is lighting up with circles).


(Vincent W.) #77

Hey @Lamar_Carter @Klaas_Wierenga @Nicolas_PIERSON @Tazz @Kirsten_Walter we’ve released the newest update, can you all check if you’re still encountering the same issues?

(Richard Orr) #78

I was riding earlier this morning. Worked perfectly for me!

Thank you!

(Klaas Wierenga Wbr) #79

Will do when I get home. Thanks

(Klaas Wierenga Wbr) #80

I checked. Connection is perfect, at least at first glance. I’ll check more over next few days.



(Al Choiniere) #81

The fix worked for me tonight.

(Klaas Wierenga Wbr) #82

I rode for 15 min yesterday, with hills and everything. Connections are fine. Thanks!