Kurt Kinetic Trainer receiving 'No Signal' when pairing with Android Zwift Companion


(Nicolas Pierson) #22

This method works for me, thanks. But this remains a workaround, ZWIFT must provide us with a lasting solution

(Graham Dawson (Tcg) B) #23

Would be interested to know when this is resolved.

(Rafael Roijackers) #24

I have mailed with the Zwift support team and this is the answer:

"Thanks for reporting this issue!

Our development team is aware of this issue and is working diligently to get a fix out as soon as possible. While there isn’t a workaround for this issue yet, the fix will come from our end, so all you should have to do is keep your game client updated. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue improving Zwift."

It doesn’t sounds that there will be a solution very soon.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #25

Is this only a thing for the Kurt Kinetic? I ask because I’m finding that whichever sensor is paired through the android companion app reports no signal, whether tickr or rpm cadence. But when paired directly through the apple tv they track fine. Is this the same issue as for Kurt Kinetic or should i open a new ticket?

(Aleš Kolenko) #26

I am having the same issue. Also frustrating since I am still in trial version.
I paired the kurt kinetic smart trainer on wednesday on 7th of November and everything worked OK. When I next tried to have a ride I get no signal msg ever since.

(Lee Holter) #27

Thanks for the work around. Unfortunately did not work for me. Tried every combo of connecting and restarting I could think of. Fortunately for me I haven’t paid zwift yet and sure won’t until they figure out a resolution

(Nicolas Pierson) #28

Hello, where is the fix? it still does not work ! Do I have to unsubscribe and go see the competition? I will eventually ask for a refund of one month subscription!

(Kris Clover) #29

I also just bought a Kenetic, connected it to a brand new Apple TV 4K and it worked flawlessly for about 5 days. Tried to use it today and I got the “no signal…” error as well. I’m all iOS so I’m thinking this isn’t only an issue for Android users. Hope they come up with a fix quick since I was just getting addicted.

(Aleš Kolenko) #30

I’d like to update my observations from Sunday. Later that day and yesterday I managed to get Zwift to notice my trainer. What I did is that I went on my bike and started pedaling while made Zwift searching for my devices. Mind you it’s not working all the time and I still get “no signal” more than not and you have to be patient. I have no idea what kicks Zwift to eventually detect the trainer but it does. Due to unreliability I still have a lot of apprehensions whether to pay for the subscription.

(Aleš Kolenko) #31

Ohh and would also like to add that I exited and ran my Zwift companion app on android while Zwift was searching for trainer and I was on a bike peddaling. So I really have no Idea what makes it find it eventually.

(Dean Densmore) #32

Hi Zwift,

Do you have an estimate as to when or if this will be resolved. I really enjoy Zwift but don’t want to continue paying for a service that I can’t use.

(Utkan Varol) #33

I have kurt kinetic t2800 rock n roll smart trainer. I loaded zwift mobile link (the blue one) on my iphone 7plus and loaded zwift app on my pc. My phone and pc connected same wi-fi. Zwift paired power source and cadance, but not connected to garmin tri hrm monitor (there is no gear icon in the pairing screen). Then i see the map on the phone screen and the computer screen, i roll the trainer but no movement or data. How can i fix it?

(Michael Coy) #34

Hello - Any updates? I’m still having issues and really miss being able to use my setup! It’s getting difficult to justify paying for a service I love but am unable to use. :cry:


(Ryan Anderson) #35

This work around worked for me as well. It only disconnected once in an hour of riding.

(Ewen Colquhoun) #36

I am having “no signal” messages from my Crivit cadence and speed sensor. Running Android 9.0 on a Pixel 2. I swapped to an HTC device running Android 6.0, downloaded Companion, and there are no problems - connections are stable. Looks like this is an issue with Android 9.0 compatibility.

(Steve Bestul) #37

Same set up and the exact same thing happened to me. I got it to work through my iphone and the companion app and use screen mirroring; this way it shows up on my tv.

(Vincent W.) #38

Hey all, we are still investigating at the moment and are trying to resolve this issue (along with others) as quick as possible. Any details you have if you are experiencing this issue is much appreciated. Thank you for being patient with us!

@Dt8nk are you still getting “No Signal” on your Apple TV?

(Steve Bestul) #39

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(Steve Bestul) #40

I was using the latest Apple TV 4k as well. It worked for several days (during the 7 day trial period), but when I tried it after that, after the switch over to the regular membership, I get the “no signal” when I start to pedal. It may be a coincidence, but it seems to happen to others as well, it works right away, but after a so many days it does this. Is there anything that changes when you switch from the trial to the paid membership?

I mentioned this in another post, but it does work with the iphone app, you can then mirror from your phone to the apple tv, so you can get it to show on your tv screen that way.

(Vincent W.) #41

Glad the iPhone works! We’ve been investigating this issue for a good portion of time and will hopefully have a solution soon. I’m guessing you were using Zwift Companion on your iPhone when you ran Zwift on your Apple TV?