KOM - no way

Today I was shocked to see that I got the Epic KOM, Trust me, there is no way I was the KOM of any mountain. Later I noticed that there were no other riders listed in the KOM and Sprint results thus I was 1st. There were other riders on the screen so I seemed to be connected properly. 

At the end of the ride, I was notified that my FTP was increased by 20 points. I had a tough ride but this increase seems to be too much.  What could cause this tom-foolery? 

There does seem to be a problem Scott. I have experienced two rides recently in which I gained KOM jersey’s that I hadn’t earned.

I’ve also had other segments that seemed mixed up with duplicates ‘n’ such.

The ‘live Results’ board appears unpopulated and so each rider that crosses the line is in 1st place and so jersey is awarded. Strange.