Km/h instead of "kph" please!

Hi, loving Zwift, but can you please change “kph” to km/h? “kph” seems like it’s made-up (do Americans use “mph”?) and it kinda hurts the eyes to see it.

It’s just a small annoyance, but it would be great if you could correct this.


We actually do use MPH in America

We don’t use m/h

What does your speedometer in your car say?

We use mph in the UK too. :stuck_out_tongue:

m/h would obviously be metres per hour, and that’s just weird.

But a speedo in a car would normally say MPH and km/h.

“What does your speedometer in your car say?”

km/h of course. Seriously, “kph” is just ungainly and weird-looking. It should be corrected to km/h.


Just goes to show you that I don’t look at my speedometer very closely

I hope zwift doesn’t decided to change it to kmph just to spite everyone :slight_smile:

Should be hm/h but this is so small and i even didnt see this till this topic :joy:

It still showed “kph” on my ride tonight. Can you change this please? Is it difficult to do? Shouldn’t it just be a matter of a few key strokes?

Even though km/h is probably most common, kph is commonly used too especially in publications, so maybe it should be localized depending on your country or maybe user customizable. Where I live the official abbreviation is km/hr, but everyone says “miles”. I believe kph is used in Australia and New Zealand.

Should be trivial to localise the units though. They already do language localisation.

Zwift must be almost perfect if this is all you have to complain about :grin:

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Still showing “kph.” Hey Zwift people…this is not a thing. It’s “km/h.” Can you please change this?

Zwift is great, I’m lovin’ it, but this “kph” thing is like a turd floating in an otherwise tasty soup. Okay, that’s not a very clever metaphor, but still, you get the idea, right?

Just change it already!

You must be quite new to this forum.

Things like this take years to correct.
I guess It’ll show km/h in late 2023 or so :smiley:

Optimist :laughing:

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Let’s take it from there. :slight_smile:
There can’t be any argument about the symbol notation of the SI unit km/h. For abbreviations, on the other hand, the single source of truth is the style guide of the publisher.

Practically speaking, the dashboard is so cramped and inflexible that parts already overlap for longer activities (distance >= 100 km, elevation >= 1000 m). Unless that is fixed first, I’d really prefer the current abbreviation to stay, because it occupies slightly less GUI space. :grin:

A UI update is imminent (within a month or two?), so I guess we’ll see how things are then. :smiley:

There are so many typos/translation errors in the French version it’s almost funny. Almost. Not quite. I mean, things like the initial account connection screen you go through every time you start the app. It has a typo. Been this way since a year.