Kiss at base ride today 11.53 hrs local time holland

Today i signed in for Group ride kiss at base training ride with pack dynamics 4 (A) Tempus fugit
on 11.53 hrs l.t. i th netherlands, instead of Tempus fugit zwift did sent me to sand and segoias
in the screen picture at the and a was 1 of 55, can you pls explain what went wrong

There have been reports of riders given wrong turns in group rides where they start the ride late.

You mention 11.53 as the start time but I suspect the A group you signed up for may have started at 11.50 or 11.51.

You certainly set off on Tempus Fugit but when you got to the turnaround it took you straight on into Titans Grove.

You completed 4 laps of that circuit which gave you about 5 extra miles in total and an additional 400+ metres of climbing. Unfortunately it looks like the ride doesn’t get recorded on ZwiftPower.

Your right original start was 11.50 hrs, due to problems with screen and hart rate monitor was just to late at the start, in the activity list of Zwift power the ride is recorded
Regards Emanuel van Praag

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