Kintetic In Ride Power Reading Lags During Ride


Pairing not an issue

Consistently have power meter lags during ride- i.e. it will hold a power level while I quite sure no longer riding at this level- can take up to 2 minutes to correct itself- then after 1 minute power reading lag starts again

Makes it virtually impossible to do any workout properly- tried changing battery no effect

Please advise possible solutions


This could be a Wifi issue or distance to sensor issue.

Are you getting a good Wifi signal to your computer?

Are you using a USB extension for the dongle so you can get it as close to the power meter as possible?


wifi is good

not using dongle or usb

getting signal straight from inride to computer 

perhaps issue then 

Since the inRide uses Bluetooth, you shouldn’t need an extension or dongle, and changing the battery was a good first step.

I checked your account, and depending on which platform you’re seeing the issue on, you may want to try the alternatives - i.e. if you’re riding on your Mac and seeing this while using the Mobile Link Bluetooth, try using native Bluetooth; or if you’re using the iOS game, try switching back to the Mac + Mobile Link instead.

If you’re seeing the issue on both platforms, it could be an issue with the inRide itself, and I’d recommend doing a test in a different app or program to see if the issue persists. It looks like Kinetic has a Kinetic Fit app, so you may be able to do a test there.

Alternatively, you can open a support ticket with us and/or check your log files on a fan site like Zwiftalizer to see if you’re having Bluetooth dropouts.