Kinetic --> TrainerRoad --> Edge --> Zwift to combat tire slippage messages?

(J O'Connor) #1

Tonight’s ride was pretty much ruined by tire slippage so I’ve been thinking of alternatives. Obvious solution is power meter but I don’t particularly want to buy one just for Zwifting and can’t really justify one for my other riding.

So… if I run trainer-road and use the trainer relay function to fool my Edge 510 into thinking there’s a real power meter involved will I be able to broadcast this traineroad power from the 510 to Zwift using a 2nd Ant+ stick?

I’ve ordered the 2nd Ant+ stick now anyway so I’m kind of committed but has anyone actually tried this?

(Craig Howard WBR B) #2

Yup. Works flawlessly.

Working with two ANT+ sticks can cause confliction. For best results, have both unplugged, boot TR, enable relay, plug in Ant stick and you’ll see devices lock. Then insert second stick and load Zwift.

(Bryan Chen) #3

I might be missing something, but I’m not sure if the Garmin 510 is necessary. You can broadcast directly from the ANT+ stick TrainerRoad is using and the 2nd ANT+ stick (used for Zwift) can pick it up.

(Dan Morley) #4

Yes, this works fine and you dont need to Garmin 510.

I have a Kinetic and I have never had tire slippage even when standing and stomping… do you use a trainer tire? and how tight do you turn the handle? From the first point of wheel contact, I tighten mine 2.5 full turns.

(J O'Connor) #5

Not been using a trainer tire but up until last night the slippage messages weren’t an issue really. Tried playing with the settings, cranking the roller down as hard as it would go, easing it off, adjusting tire pressures etc and nothing seemed to work.

My 2nd Ant stick turns up tomorrow so that’ll be that problem cured by the sound of it. Does it recognise trainerroad as a powermeter?

(Stewart G teamWBR) #6

It will work from the TR power output. ERG mode has the power set to the programme and will adjust the speed on screen depending on the terrain and you can flip it to Slope mode to be able to use your gears and cadence to regulate power. Works great!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #7

Quick question: how far away is your ANT dongle to your speed sensor?

(J O'Connor) #8

Roughly 30cm, I’m running the Ant+ dongle on a usb extension so it’s zip tied next to the rear brake calliper.

(Shawn DeBoer) #9

Agree with Bryan. You can rebroadcast from TR to Zwift via the 2nd ANT+ usb. No need for Garmin in between.

(Robin Swinton) #10

Not certain this will be helpful but during my first few rides on Zwift I had no tire slippage issues. Then last night on my ride it was a big problem. That was until I realized my speed sensor had been tampered with. If you have a 3 year old around your setup, this could be the source of your problems :slight_smile:

(Mark Svara) #11

Using Kinetic trainer road with pro flywheel.  32cm touring tire out back with a speed/cadence sensor.  TP is 80 as per spec on tire and trainer is cranked up 4 turns.  So much so that the tire is pinched.  Really challenging to spin (Lot’s of resistance)  Issue I am seeing is tire slippage message when I stomp or even when normal pedaling usually happens when someone else on the map is close.  This plus my screen often reads 0W with RPMs still displaying.  Is this a tire size issue or stupid sensor?