kinetic trainer no longer pairs with ios 11.0.3

I have a kinetic trainer, was pairing fine until I upgrade to 11.0.3

now no longer pairs.

(The kinetic app does not pair either)

Anyone know anything more

Hi Eric, that issue would be news to me.  I just dug into our data and can see that lots of Zwifters used 11.0.3 with a Kinetic smart trainer yesterday, so it may be something specific to your situation. 

Maybe give the device a reboot?   Could anything else in your house have grabbed the trainer connection, like a mac, an ipad, etc?

I’m running iOS 11 (need to update to 11.03) but no issues here with Kinetic Smart Control or Kinetic Inride.  I would second Jon’s point about making sure nothing else is paired.  If this is a Smart Control and you updated the firmware then you need to power cycle the unit in order for it to be paired in Zwift.