Kinetic Rock and Roll not controlling resistance

Hello, hoping someone can help. I’ve been Zwifting for about a month & decided to upgrade to a smart trainer this week. I have a Kinetic Rock & Roll T-6500 (with the add-on BLE power meter) & everything connects to Zwift just fine & I am able to ride, but I’m not getting resistance changes on inclines.

I’m running Zwift on my macbook & companion on my iphone, am connecting the trainer as power source & control on Zwift, & linking Garmin cadence & HR via ANT (with a CABLE fob). The tension on my trainer tire feels good, no slippage.

Should I try direct connect thru the USB port on the trainer? Should I turn off the “connect through bluetooth” on the companion app? I feel like it’s something simple I am missing. Hopefully someone can provide some insight. Thanks.

It seems to be working now.:slight_smile:

Me again. Guess that one good ride was a fluke. I’m getting really frustrated with my Kinetic trainer. I’ve calibrated it weekly in the Fit app but the resistance is almost backward in Zwift–nothing when I go uphill & like riding through concrete on downhills or even 0%. My “dumb” trainer gave me a more realistic riding experience.

Can anyone offee any tips before I attempt to return my Kinetic? Very disappointed.

Hi Sarah. Not sure if you have fixed this yet, but I had a similar problem with my Kinetic 6200 smart trainer not providing resistance. I also experienced problems updating the firmware via the fit app.

Have you updated the firmware?

In the end I exchanged a few emails with Kinetic customer support and they sent me a new pcb for the trainer. I have only just installed this but I definitely have resistance now!!

If you have updated the firmware (or have problems doing this) I’d suggest contacting Kinetic customer support. They were very helpful even during lockdown although there were some delays and I know they were snowed under with support requests.

Thank you, John! I will recheck the firmware. I have been in touch with Kinetic & hopefully this problem will be resolved soon. :slight_smile: