Kinetic kit

Does any one knows how to get the Kinetic kit?? thanks!

Don’t think there is a Kinetic kit on Zwift   Rafael.

Paul thanks for answering, I already see two guys with the kit but is no info any were of how they get it, I’ll try sending them message but no answer, maybe this are people from Kinetic company and the kit is something private, who knows!! 

 Hello, did you look here?

You have to join their group ride:


The Kinetic kit is not on that link, just like the 4iiii kit is not on that link which I wear.

Cary they don’t have it there. Paul Thanks for the tip, I did join their group, Thank you guys!! both of you!!

I was given it as an option when I connected my Kinetic trainer, but I noticed recently (last couple of weeks) that it no longer shows up as an option that I can select - and I was put back to the default kit.  Disappointing as it was something a bit different and not that common.

I bought my Kinetic Trainer in March 2018 and I got the Kinetic Jersey/Kit. I think I might have gotten the kit when I joined the Kinetic by Kurt group in Strava and then linked my Strava to my Zwift.