Kilometers and level up not being logged

I have twice completed rides over 15km to level up to level 12.  In both cases on the ride the Zipp 202s unlocked banner came up and level 12 was shown on the info strip at the top of the screen.  However, when I logged out and logged back in I remained at level 11 and the wheels were not available.  My km log is also stuck at 985km.

On the same set up my wife continues to log kms and build her totals on her log in.

Please can you fix my profile so it logs my efforts.  


Steven Slater

I faced the same issue and logged a zwift case 2 days ago and I got NO response from them at all. I mean. zwift is great platform and fun but if the support is like this, it will die by time and another better platform will take over. 

Hope they start handling customers in a better way.